The Honors Program UPDATED

Update (Original Post Below): 

At the parent meeting Mrs. Kim discussed how her class is going to be an honor’s class and that if it is too rigorous and you want to pull back and do just the general coursework, you can choose not to do certain assignments. I told you that I would be open to consider a similar option. However, it just won’t work.

I am going to carefully choose assignments based on the State’s Framework for English Literature instruction. I use the State Standards to determine what the students will do in class. Therefore, I can’t have you pick and choose assignments, because they are all what the State feels should be mandatory. I understand that we are homeschoolers and we have more freedom. But as a teacher, I feel like the State Standards are good; they are achievement goals that I would desire for my own children.

I hope this makes sense. I need the students to complete the assignments that I assign, because I know they meet certain Standards. So if you miss a writing assignment, it isn’t that you are not doing “honors” work, you are missing out on grade level requirements for ALL students.

If you would like to review the State Standards for your student’s grade level, please click on this link (Dep. of Edu.).

I hope this makes sense. I would like your student to buckle down and do excellent work with the daily assignments, and then I will provide an honor’s assignment a few weeks into the class, that will provide enrichment as they go deeper into the subject matter.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

My Original Post:

This class is going to be geared for the average student. There will be an Honor’s Option for student’s who wish to receive Honor’s Credit on their transcripts.

In order for me to consider you for the Honor’s Program you need to demonstrate your ability to keep up with your required reading and assignments. If you are having trouble keeping your grade up with the regular coursework, I will not allow you to turn in any Honors Work. I will not even look at it.

But if you are doing well in class, and you would like to advance in your studies, I will provide an Honor’s Project each semester, where you will be provided with extra reading and research opportunities, you will then use that information to complete a project that you will share with the class.

Because of this, you will have to wait until about 8 weeks into the class for me to even consider you for the Honor’s Program. Please do not just think that you are in the program because you want to be. You need to prove to me that you can handle it. This stuff is EXTRA, it is not necessary. You must focus on what is necessary first–the regular classwork.


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