Week 30–Book Club Review

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Thank you all for coming to the Book Club today ❤ I just LOOOOOVE this book ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope you are all enjoying it so far!!!! 😀

For Friday–

  • Read to page 65–See if you can underline and find things that you think I will point out in class as “special.” I might bring candy to throw out to you, if you are brilliant and can identify significant literary elements. ❤
  • Answer Questions 1-41, and the “Sci-Fi or Fact” chart on page 12 and the “Hugh Latimer” project on page 17– You do not need to do the Salamander Patch or the Book Binding projects.
  • Post a comment about the introduction.
  • Pick a poem and verse for memorization. Your selections are due for approval on Friday. If they have already been approved, start memorizing it. 🙂

Image result for ray bradbury quotes


6 thoughts on “Week 30–Book Club Review

  1. The introduction to Fahrenheit 451 is very intresting. It states/talks about the Cold War and about the book burnings. And the amount of degree’s it accutally takes to burn a book. Which he then titled it whether it was “true or not”. – Isaiah H

  2. The introduction to Fahrenheit 451 goes into detail about what speculative fiction is, what life was like in Bradbury’s time, and the message that the book is trying to confer. The writer states that the book is a “book of warning” and that you should read things for yourself, and not let let others explain the story for you.

  3. i loved the introduction to this book! It is so beautifully written and totally makes you think. I believe it’s so important what Gaiman said, “If someone tells you what a story is about, they are probably right. If they tell you that that is all the story is about, they are very definitely wrong.” I love that, because everyone can read the same book, but each person gets something unique and personal out of it. Of course this book is about censorship and burning books, but what does that mean to you? Do you love books? Does reading this book hurt your soul? Do you not care for books? Would you rather live in a world with T.V. parlors? If so, would you really like living in a world like Montags? It makes you think, and each person gets something special out of it.

  4. Wow this introduction is really spot on and not just for our generation but the ones that are to come and the ones that have passed. I think my favorite thing he said was, “Because the world of the future seems more enticing or more interesting than the world today.” The reason I like this is because it is so true, it basically sums up our humankind. We are always looking towards the future and trying to focus on something that has yet happened instead of focusing on the present and what we are doing right now.
    I love the end when he points out how this book is about caring for others and how Ray Bradbury cared about anything and everything. He simply loved stories. That is beautiful to me because when a person can stop thinking about themselves, that is when they notice the world around them and the beauty in everyone and everything surrounding us. It shows us there is more to the world, there is more to people, and there is more beauty to discover.

  5. I loved the part where Gaiman said, “A young reader finding this book today, or the day after tomorrow, is going to have to imagine first a past, and then a future that belongs to that past.” Although there are themes from the 50’s in Fahrenheit 451, anyone in anytime time period can get something from the book; this book is timeless. He’s warning us to never settle for the world’s foolish ideas; to hold onto the things that actually mean something and to the things that make life beautiful. My favorite part of the introduction was when he quoted Ray Bradbury,”… We should not judge books by their covers, and that some books exist between the covers that are perfectly people-shaped.” Ray Bradbury was just trying to say that the beautiful and meaningful stories found in books are not only found on paper; they can be found in the people around us too.

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