Final Project–Memorization

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In Fahrenheit 451, the books are burned, Montag sits on the subway trying to remember a passage from the Bible, but he is so distracted by the constant noise of meaningless advertisements. “Denham’s Dentifrice” –over and over.

That is the struggle we live in today.

Scripture memorization is SOOOOO important for our walks with God and for sharing our faith with others, and we spend so little time doing it. I highly recommend getting an app for your phone with a Bible memorization program.

For our last project of the year, I am going to require you to memorize a Scripture AND a poem. You will stand up in class and recite your poem and then your Scripture and we will all clap.

I love memorizing poetry, you really get to understand the poem better as you grasp onto each carefully chosen word and by practicing it over and over, you will feel the rhythm.

I will memorize a poem too. I have it half memorized already but I will finish it. My poem will be 80 lines 😀 It is my favorite poem so I am happy to do it. I will post the video on the blog.

I have already also memorized “God’s Grandeur” by Hopkins, and “Stopping in Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Frost,  and “Sonnet 73” by Shakespeare. And some others… But those are my favorites.

I would LOVE to memorize the whole “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” to the point where I could recite it from beginning to end with no mistakes and no stopping.

Anyways, you need to get your poem approved by me (just in case you want to pick a Haiku) LOL.

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