Easter Break Info <3

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So you made it to the break! We are over halfway done with the second semester. You have no new assignments.

Your Apologetics Oral Reports will be due the day we return, April 22. You must speak for at least three minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes. So you MUST practice at home, and time yourself.

The Bible Studies on Daniel chapters 8 and  11 and 12 will be due on April 22. Use a highlighter to highlight important information about Antiocus Epiphanes AND the Anti-Christ. Write down answers to the application questions.

Your Argumentative Essay Rough Draft on censorship will be due April 22. DO NOT try to breeze through this essay. You must push yourself. It is the last formal essay of the year. I want you to beat me up with your brains.

I am giving you extra time for your essay, because I want you to actually enjoy your break ❤ I am sooooo nice 😀 Spend time with Jesus, and your family.

Disclaimer: Last night I was putting Miley to bed and she mentioned my class, and something you think may have confused you. When I was talking to Jacob about his pro-censorship essay. I was telling him to show a correlation between violence and video games or music (even movies). I mentioned a song by a rapper where he talks about killing his wife, and how our society gave him a Grammy for that album–and how more women die because of domestic violence every year, than died at 9/11. etc.  That he should show a correlation between violence and art, music, video games, movies, etc. To validate his idea that we should censor. Well, Miley said that because of the owie on my arm, people may think that I was talking about her daddy being a violent person. She thought someone might think he gave me the owie. So I am clarifying. ❤ My owie on my arm was from a burn I got Monday night from cleaning my cast iron skillet! If her daddy ever hurt me, HE would be wearing a burn mark from my cast iron skillet. LOL. But seriously, Dustin is not violent. And Miley wants to make sure you know that. Praise God.

Book Club Meetings

I am not going to call this a “Reader’s Theater” because we are not reading a play. I am going to call it a “Book Club” because I want to emphasize the joy and the warm beverages and the thrilling conversation that will take place. However, do not think that this is not an academic opportunity. I wouldn’t waste my time if it wasn’t worth it. These meetings will be part of your class participation grade.

We are going to do a close reading of Fahrenheit 451. I am going to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the symbols, themes, and literary allusions in the book.

So let your parents know now, to set aside time in their calendars.

*I am just waiting for official approval. But I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t get approved. 

  • Monday April 24, 9 am. – 12 pm.
  • Monday May 1, 9 am. – 12 pm.
  • Monday May 8, 9 am. – 12 pm.  (*only if we need this day, I am hoping we don’t)

I will also have you (again) sign up to bring food and drinks. This will be our last outside of class activity. ❤ I will miss you guys.

Fahrenheit 451 Folder

When we start reading the book, after the break, you will need to make another folder for your assignments that I will again collect at the end. It will be called your Fahrenheit 451 Folder.

*The book has profanity in it. I am making a list of all the curse words that I will give to your parents. If your parents are okay with the words, that is fine. But if they would like to use a marker to cross them out, they are also free to do that. Since we are a Christian Homeschool Group, when we read the book in our “Book Club,” I will substitute the words for other words that have a similar meaning (heck, darn, etc.)

Meet Ray Bradbury

He is not a Christian, and he says some things that we don’t agree with–like he thanks the “universe” for life. But you need to know who this guy is, so you can understand why he wrote this book. Do you think he loves books? Do you think he loves life? What else do you think of him?




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