Week 27–Censorship or Apologetics?

Merriam-Webster LogoDefinition of censorship

  1. 1a:  the institution, system, or practice of censoring They oppose government censorship.b:  the actions or practices of censors; especially:censorial control exercised repressively

  2. censorship that has … permitted a very limited dispersion of facts — Philip Wylie

Image result for censorship

Do you think censorship is a good idea?

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What books/materials should be censored?

  • Mein Kampf?
  • The Origin of Species?
  • The Koran?
  • Explicit Materials?
  • The Shack?
  • The Book of Mormon?

Have Books Ever Killed People?

Certainly the ideas in some books have killed people. What books do you know of that influenced people to kill or hurt others?

Image result for quran and terrorism

Image result for columbine shooting mein kampf

Image result for columbine shooting mein kampf
Columbine shooters owned and studied Hitler’s Mein Kampf

If we got rid of books that inspired people to hurt others? Would violence end?

Related image

What about other books relating to other sins?

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Who do you think should decide what to censor?

Please read the Critical Thinking Unit here, for more thoughts on these questions.

Assignments For The Week:

  • Read Critical Thinking Unit and discuss your thoughts with each other in the comment section. For credit for this assignment, you need to make 1 comment of your own ideas and at least one response to someone else’s.
  • Research the First Amendment-What protections and freedoms does it give you? What limits are there on free speech?
  • Apologetics Oral Research Report–I want you to select and read up on an apologetics topic (above). Do some research and start compiling facts for an apologetics oral presentation. Your topic is due next Friday 🙂
  • Argumentative Essay on Censorship–And I want you to begin drafting an argumentative essay on censorship, from a Biblical point of view. It is a complex subject, so you will have a lot to consider. Look up the laws for “Freedom of Speech,” to see what is protected and illegal. You must use 4-6 Scriptures that back up your thesis. This week gather research, and Scripture and make a graphic organizer (Web) to organize your ideas. Web due Friday.
    • Image result for web for essay


Image result for censorship

Image result for censorship

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