The Importance of Being Earnest Field Trip Reminders

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I ordered tickets to the play, and I had to pay 260.00 out of my own money. And I am a stay at home mom and my hubby is a minister so we are poor. So please pay me back ASAP. This Friday would be great!!!

Here is a list with how many tickets you have, and the price of your tickets:

  • Donica M. (2 tickets–$26.00)
  • Jacob R. (1 ticket–$13.00)*
  • Samuel T. (2 tickets–$26.00)
  • Macey R. (3 tickets–$39.00)
  • Nait/Christahn K. (3 tickets–$39.00)
  • Kylie E. (2 tickets–$26.00)
  • Josh W. (2 tickets–$26.00)
  • Isaiah M. (1 ticket–$13.00)*
  • Mitchell C. (2 tickets–$26.00)

*If you are not going with your parents, you need to have a waiver filled out and signed by your parents. I will bring the waivers this Friday.

So yeah, if you can bring either cash or a check on Friday, that will let me pay the bills and get groceries too 🙂 LOL

You know what is funny? I am crying about 22 tickets that cost $260.00 and yet to see Les Miserables in Los Angeles would be more than that for just one ticket!!! hahaha!!! And I have done that before (it was worth it! LOL)

I will post your school work for this week in just a bit. 🙂

God bless ❤


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