Field Trip Friday March 3

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Oscar Wilde’s Sly Comedy The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde’s enduring 1895 satire, The Importance of Being Earnest, is a witty, sly romp through Victorian society, filled with one-liners and double entendres that still pack a mighty comic punch today. Revived numerous times on Broadway, the play was also adapted into a 2002 film starring Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. Now it takes the stage at the Lyceum Theater in Costa Mesa courtesy of the Vanguard University Theatre Dept. (Orange County Eventful)

The date was approved!

We are officially going to see The Importance of Being Earnest at Vanguard University on Friday March 3.

The cost is $13.00 per ticket (Group Rate)

You can bring your whole family (but no children under 6). I think your parents will get a kick out of this play.I am bringing the girls and Dustin is going too. Please let me know if your parents are interested in going or if you will need a ride. If you need a ride, your parents will have to fill out the usual medical release form that we use for youth group.

Leave a comment below telling me how many tickets you want me to order for your and family, and if your parents want to volunteer to help carpool.

After Friday School we will meet on the patio and have a pot luck dinner together. We can pick a theme in class (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Victorian). Then we will clean up the patio and leave the church by 5pm. This gives us enough time to get there and maybe get Starbucks or Coffee Bean (bring money for drinks and snacks).

If we get there early, we will be able to check out the campus and hopefully meet up with Buggy and enjoy her shining personality for a while. 😀

I am so excited. Rosanne said that in this version they are having girls play the boy roles and boys play the girl roles, so that is a fun twist. I think it is going to be wonderful.

Vanguard University Lyceum Theater
Vanguard’s Address: 55 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Box Office: 714-668-6145
Directions: The Lyceum Theater is at the rear of the VU campus. Drive south on Newport Boulevard past Fair Drive and turn right at the third driveway opening into a large parking lot. The theater is toward the right end of the parking lot. Parking is free.

If using digital maps type “Lyceum Theater Costa Mesa” for turn-by-turn directions 

Vanguard University Theater Map


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    1. Oh and I’m pretty sure my parents will help with the carpooling, but I’ll let you know for certain when we get back to Friday school.

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