Week 11-Picture of Dorian Gray (For Students Not Allowed to Read the Locked Lesson)

This week we have a lesson that is locked. That is okay. Your parents know what that is about and if they unlock it for you, then you can read that. If they don’t, that is okay! You can still just go ahead and watch the movie below during the Thanksgiving break.

Here is a trailer for 1945 version of The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is 2.99 for SD (3.99 for HD) on Amazon Prime. This is the best version (in my opinion). It follows the book closely and it has this 1940’s Hollywood vintage vibe that is super cool.

This will be one of the movies I am going to ask you to rent and watch during the school year. We will also watch The Importance of Being Earnest after we read it, but don’t worry, I have that movie and we will watch it together.❤

Remember the next time we meet will be Monday November 28 at 9am in the high school room. ❤

Image result for picture of dorian gray


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