Week Four-“Marigolds” and Coming of Age Literature

This is the work for Week Four (October 3-6).

Please make sure you do Week Three‘s work first (September 26-29)

Image result for marigolds by eugenia collier pdf

If you were absent last Friday, please make sure that you finished reading “The Most Dangerous Game” (last 6 pages) last week. I posted a link to a pdf of the story in Week 3’s assignments.

This week you are going to read some good stuff 🙂

Vocabulary Words–

Please write down these words and the definitions that will be found before and within the story this week. Don’t look them up in a dictionary; just use the definitions in the story.

  1. Image result for marigolds by eugenia collier pdfdebate
  2. deduce
  3. license
  4. sufficient
  5. trend
  6. poignant
  7. ostensible
  8. retribution
  9. stoicism
  10. perverse
  11. bravado
  12. impotent
  13. exuberance
  14. degradation
  15. squalor





  • Make sure you have finished all your work from this week
  • Journal 8
  • Poetry of Music Project–“You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North (feel free to compare this to the story we read this week)

Pack Your Backpack–

Work from last week and work from this week.

  • Grammar Week 3 and 4 (Appositives and Articles)
  • Literary Terms Notebook (Week 3 and Week 4)
  • Poetry of Music Week 3 and 4 (“Eye of the Tiger” and “You Are More”)
  • Vocabulary for “Marigolds”
  • Worksheets for “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • Literary Analysis Questions for “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • “Teenagers” and “Hanging Fire” Questions
  • “Marigolds” Questions and activities (pg. 225-228)
  • Alternate Ending Essay
  • A dollar to pay me to grade your work 🙂 just kidding!!!!

Image result for marigolds by eugenia collier quotes


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