Grades and Scrapbook with No Name

Hi kids 🙂

I am sitting here on the floor of my bedroom with my dog and a pile of things to grade. And I have one scrapbook that doesn’t have a name on it, please let me know whose it is! I have ones from Christahn, Nait, Donica, Mitchell, Macey, Abigail and Joshua. I just don’t know whose this last one is from. Homeschool kids are just not used to needing to put their names on their work, right?! It is so true! So help me out.

Also, for those of you who turned in scrapbooks BRAVO!!!!! You ROCK. Seriously. I treasure the work you did!!!!! I even gave some of you extra credit for the hard work!!!

I am going give this award of excellence to Mitchell Correa and Joshua White for getting the highest grades on the scrapbook! Feel free to print this out and pat yourself on the back! LOL. But you both truly did a fabulous job.

Honorable Mentions need to go to:  Abigail Thompson (great job), Macey Robles (you are NOT Porphyria, LOLOL), Donica (your work is beautiful), Nait and Christahn (you did a great job and I know you were busy too!!! well done). And unnamed scrapbooker (you need to put your name! LOL).

So I am going to go now, and finish your grades. 😦 Ugh.

***Also, I think one of you asked me for the test. But I can’t remember who. My mind was a blur the last two weeks of class. So if you needed something and I forgot, please let me know. ❤


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