Week 30–Finishing The Hiding Place

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp

This week is going to blow your mind!!!! I am so excited for Friday when I can hear your reaction to all this. Keep making your “Brandi Notes” in your books.


  • Read Chapter 11, “The Lieutenant,”  Chapter 12 “Vught,”and Chapter 13 “Ravensbruck” (pg 171-217)


  • Read Chapter 14 “The Blue Sweater” and Chapter 15 “The Three Visions” (pg. 218-248)


  • Read “Since Then” and through the Timeline of Events (pg. 249-269)
  • Informal Essay–This essay needs to be 2-3 pages. I want you to write a response to this book, but I want you to focus on the theme of a hero. How was Corrie Ten Boom a hero? What attributes of a hero does she display. Please include at least 3 quotes from the book that illustrate your ideas. It should be typed, double-spaced, and proper MLA format (especially the heading). Go ahead and write it, like a well thought out journal, with MLA format.


  • Finish Essay
A Monument for the children who died at Ravensbruck
Another Memorial for victims of Ravensbruck


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