Week 29–Continuing The Hiding Place

So we read the first four chapters of The Hiding Place so far, and we have really gotten to know the family and fall in love with Corrie Ten Boom. Now this week, things are going to start getting scary.

The themes for your “Brandi Notes” are: Love, Prayer, Faith, Fear, Choices–I need at least one quote that goes with each of these themes. So, for Love, you would write out a quote from the book and the page number in parenthesis to go with it. Do this for each of the five themes.


  • Read Chapter 5 “Invasion” and Chapter 6 “The Secret Room” (pg 77-104)
  • Now I gave you 5 themes for your “Brandi Notes” but I also want you to find ANOTHER theme as you read and put it in the comments below with a quote that goes along with it and a page number. (20 points, due Thursday)


  • Read Chapter 7 “Eusie” and Chapter 8 “Storm Clouds Gather” (pg. 105-138)


  • Read Chapter 9 “The Raid” and Chapter 10 “Scheveningen” (pg 139-170)


  • Make sure you are caught up in your reading
  • Make sure you write out a quote for each of the five themes. Due tomorrow.
  • Make sure you come up with ANOTHER theme from the reading this week and post it in the comment section by tonight (with a quote and page number).
  • Grammar– Please correct the following section– there are five mistakes. You will need to print it out and then use the correction symbols to show where the mistakes are 🙂 Do not just FIX the errors. Use the SYMBOLS in the chart below.

What should be done with a herd of marauding elephants? This was the problem recently confronting officials at Pilanesberg national Park in South Africa. A number of orphaned male elephants had been transported to the park in order to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment. however, this step to protect the elephant population soon threatened another endangered species

The young elephants had entered musth, like puberty, a state of heightened hormonal activity and increased aggression. The elephants went on a killing spree, slaying almost 40 rhinoceros—including incredibly rare black rhinos. The park officials did not want to kill the young elephants but they could not afford to have any more rhinos slaughtered.

Oddly enough, the solution to this disasterous situation was to bring more male elephants into the park this time, however, they were full-grown bull elephants. In almost no time at all, a previously impossible hierarchy had been established, and the orphaned males fell right into place. No more rhino killings were reported. (sample essay)


9 thoughts on “Week 29–Continuing The Hiding Place

  1. A theme that I found very often was death.

    “At first we hoped it was the beginning of Mama’s recovery. But the words that she had sung she was not able to say, nor did she ever sing again. It had been an isolated moment, a gift to us from God , His own very special wedding present. Four weeks later, asleep with a smile on her lips, Mama slipped away from us forever.” (pg 66)

  2. I’m not sure if this could be considered a theme, but I found compssion/pity a few times.

    “I pity the poor Germans, Corrie.They have touched the apple of God’s eye.” (85).

  3. A theme that I found is something like, “Living a double life,” because they work hard to keep other people safe, but on the other hand need to act normal, like nothing is happening, in order to keep some fellow Jews and others safe from harm.
    “For a year and a half now we had gotten away with our double lives. Ostensibly we were still an elderly watchmaker living with his two spinster daughters above his tiny shop. In actuality the Beje the center of an underground ring that spread now to the farthest corners of Holland.” (Boom pg.125)

  4. One theme that I found is bravery.
    “I would have fought! I wouldn’t ever have given up!…That is good, my son,…For Holland’s battle has just begun.”(Boom 81).

  5. I guess I also found a theme of compassion, though it was through Betsie’s actions.

    “And then, incredibly, Betsie began to pray for the Germans, up there in the planes, caught in the fist of the giant evil loose in Germany. I looked at my sister kneeling beside me in the light of burning Holland. ‘Oh Lord,’ I whispered, ‘listen to Betsie, not me, because I cannot pray for those men at all.'” (79)

  6. The theme I found was the faith that Nollie had for God when she didn’t take the life of another person (Annaliese) into her own hand, she trusted in God.
    ” No ill will happen to Annaliese. God will not let them take her to Germany. He will not let her suffer because I obeyed Him”.

  7. I found a theme of kindness.
    “Mama could have coffee on the stove and cake in the oven as fast as most people could say, “best wishes.” And since she knew almost everyone in Haarlem, especially the poor, sick and neglected there was almost no day in the year that was not for somebody, as she would say with eyes shining, “a very special occasion!” (22)

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