Bright Star Update!!!

Okay, so remember how I said in class last week that Bright Star was PG but it had one f-word?

Well, it doesn’t!!!!!

I saw on the Parents Guide on IMDb that it did, but I just watched it again and it didn’t.

I thought I missed it. But I looked it up on plugged in online and it also says that there is only one bad word . . . the d-word. You can have your parents read the review if they like.


I didn’t remember an f-word. 

Because it isn’t there!!! 

I was upset thinking that I was asking you to watch a movie with that word in it.

The Beauty of Nature

One of the things I want to stress, after watching this movie again is the beauty of the film. It is stunningly gorgeous. Notice how nature is portrayed–very symbolic of the Romantic era.

In fact, I want you to leave a comment below letting me know what you thought was the most beautiful nature scene.

Sexual Purity

I also want you to note the commitment to purity. Keats says that he has a conscience when it comes to the question of intimacy before marriage. He respects Fanny, and cares for her soul, refusing to objectify her and take advantage of her affection. This is contrasted in the movie by Mr. Brown who does not care for women.


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