The Hamlet Reader’s Theater Parties


Please tell your parents about the days we will need to spend together outside of class, reading HamletAs far as your education goes, these are really mandatory in the sense that they are NECESSARY. Please make every effort to arrange transportation and call me if you have any concerns ASAP.

I am going to put in a room request for these days and times:

  • Monday January 11 9am-12 pm
  • Thursday January 14 9am-12 pm
  • Monday January 18 9am-12 pm
  • Thursday January 21 9am-12pm

I will let you know when these dates and times get approved, but I am sure they will because Dustin already said that they would work fine for him and we will be in the High School room.

I want this event to be fun, so we can pass around a sign up list for you to bring refreshments (muffins, cookies, juice, etc.) Simple stuff. I will bring stuff too. You are also welcome to bring a sack lunch and have lunch together on the patio after we finish each day. We will not have any other work those weeks, than what we are focussing on with Hamlet.

If you like, I will buy you pizza on the last day–but only if you help me stay on track and we FINISH ❤


2 thoughts on “The Hamlet Reader’s Theater Parties

  1. This is going to be super tough on us to make Mrs. Brandi but will do our best. Jonah starts his Spring College Semester on Monday and that leaves me without a car until 2:30pm which is right when I need to leave for work. If anyone in the North Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga area may be able to provide transportation for a day or two that would be appreciated otherwise I’m not sure what we are going to work out. That and the lack of sleep of me getting home early in the AM “) I was on it (barely) and got the book ordered in time (thanks to Nate nagging me everyday lol), it should be here Saturday. Whew. Thank the Lord for Amazon prime. haha

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