The Inner War, by Christahn Kelliher

Christahn Kelliher

Brandi Harrison

World literature

6 November 2015

The Inner War

Our hero, full of despair, sat in a forest with thick, gloomy air.

Our hero weeping, for the loss of his father,

as it’s difficult to witness such a manslaughter.

His heart so heavy, and filled with grief,

it seemed impossible to continue to breathe.

But out of nowhere, a light shone thick,

through the forest trees made of sticks.

He felt compelled to follow the light,

for he needed to get through this horrible night.

 He chased the light as fast as he could,

 leading him to a cabin, made of wood.

The light disappeared at the entrance to the chalet.

This would be a temporary home, for our hero to stay.

Our hero, a 17 year old boy, named Cole, awakened from his sleep. He got up from his bed, and proceeded to look around the cabin. It was nicely made out of wooden logs, with a couple windows to the left and right. Above was a roof that slanted upward on two sides, connecting at the top, which made it feel roomy. There was a decent sized kitchen, and a table just next to it. It was well taken care of. This cabin felt like home to the hero. Cole seated himself back on his bed. Just beside him, was a nightstand. On top of this nightstand was a book, which brought the boy to tears. The book was a brown, fairly thin book, which was worn through the years, like a journal with a person’s personal touch. It was a journal that belonged to his father. Cole, being discouraged by the memory of his father’s death, picked up the book ever so gently, and read into it. The writing looked fresh, and sharp, drawn flawlessly by a quill pen. The book read, “To my beloved son: Cole, there is a special power inside of you. You have to obtain this power, in order to continue this legacy, which originated from your great grandfather. With this power, you can alter time, obtain great strength, and even save lives. This long and treacherous journey starts at mount. Breen. At the top of that mountain, you will find a monster, who’s name is “Breen.” You must overcome Breen and his tactics. This will be the first of many foes you will face. After successfully beating Breen, you must…” the words on the page seem to be erased. Cole sat dazed by the words which he just read. The thought of him having such an immense power inside of himself gave him joy. With this power, he would be able to punish his father’s killer. Still in tears, the boy arose from his bed, and without hesitation, started for mount. Breen, inspired by his burning hatred he had for the man who klled his father.

Several days pass, and Cole reached the mountain, surviving the trek by eating bread he had stored in his bag, and by drinking water he had filled into a couple of flasks. The mountain looked steep, and dark gray clouds sat at the top, pouring rain over it. The clouds blocked the sun from shining on the mountain, and the atmosphere became very depressing, and cold. Our hero, tired from the long trek, sat at the feet of the mountain and rested under a boulder, which hung over part of the mountain, and formed walls on the sides, making a small cave. He rested for a couple of hours.

Suddenly, Cole was startled from his sleep as he heard what sounded like a woman singing. The singing was very bliss, and unique, like that of an angel’s voice. The sound of music was getting louder, and louder, indicating that the person who was singing was moving towards him. The singing all of a sudden stopped, and from around the corner came a lady bug. Cole became confused. Was the ladybug singing? Then, out of nowhere, the bug began talking. “Hi there,” said the bug with a cheerful voice. Cole, baffled by what was going on, replied with, “hello?” The ladybug proceeded in the conversation, “what, you’ve never seen a talking ladybug before?” “no, I don’t believe I have,” answered Cole. Cole seemed to be happy on the outside, but the bug knew that he was torn, and angry on the inside. The two conversed. Cole told the ladybug about his journey that he embarked on. “Oh I see, so you’re here to defeat Breen,” said the ladybug. The little red bug continued, “Well, the monster that lives atop this mountain is not physical at all. You see, this monster controls people through his emotions. So if you hope to conquer this monster in battle, you must be mentally prepared. This monster will do everything in its power to bring you down emotionally, using the power of words. Good luck on your journey, and be sure to not get discouraged.” “Thanks for the help ladybug, I really do appreciate it,” expressed Cole. “But before I leave, I must learn your name, so that I can remember you by name,” added Cole. The bug replied in a joking tone “Buggy.” Then Buggy proceeded to fly off into the unknown. Cole, sitting silent after what just happened in the past ten minutes, finally arose to climb the mountain.

Hours pass, and our hero, having climbed only half of the mountain, is tired, and needs to rest once more, but being inspired and driven by his father’s words, he pushes on to the peak of the mountain. Time passes, and he finally reaches the mountain top. It had a flat surface, and the gray clouds which hovered over the mountains seemed to be within Cole’s reach. The mountain towered over a vast spread of green pastures, but the dark and gloominess of the mountain top overpowered the pasture’s ability to show it’s glory. Cole looked around, seeing nothing besides the flat surface of the mountain top. Then out of nowhere, he heard the crying of what sounded like a little boy. He tried to follow the sound, but to no avail. Finally, the crying stopped. It was quiet for a few moments. Then, Cole heard rocks crumbling, and clashing from underneath him. He moved aside, and saw the ground change, as if something was digging up from underneath the flat. Quickly, something arose from the ground after the digging. It looked like a mummy, with the body of an eight year old boy. The boy had a large head, and was bound in corpse wrappings. Being consumed with uncontrollable sadness, tears ran down from his eyes endlessly. He wore a dog tag, which read “Breen.” Then, with a sad voice, the mummy-like boy said,  “I thought you’d never pick me.” Cole let those words sink into his head. This little boy was never happy. He was never of any importance. From the look of his eyes he longed for somebody to love him, but he never found anyone. He was always tossed aside, and forgotten. Bullied. Abused. Full of grief. This boy simply never had anybody, and lived his life in a painful, agonizing solitude. Now covered in bandages, and being dead among the living, he still seeks a friend that will love him, and play with him. “How could anybody want to defeat this boy. He never did anything wrong,” Cole thought. Breen began to jokingly say, “Let’s be friends forever,” knowing that nobody would befriend him. Cole tried to use words of encouragement to cheer Breen up, but no matter what he said, Breen would not listen. Buggy’s words ringed in Cole’s head, “if you hope to conquer this monster in battle, you must be mentally prepared.” Cole, knowing he had already lost half the battle, got his act together, and face forward, he walked past Breen, as if getting ready to descend upon the other side of the mountain. Breen began to talk, in his normal, sad voice, saying “Hey, come back.” Cole ignored Breen, and continued on his descent. Breen, having been hurt that someone would ignore him like that, uttered, “let’s play again some time,” and he burrowed himself back into the ground, from which he came. Cole had done it. He had conquered this battle. He felt strengthened, and enlightened. Empowered by this victory, Cole descended down the mountain at an incredible speed. It only took him thirty minutes to reach the bottom. The clouds which hovered over the mountain seemed to disappear at once. The green meadow brightened the mood tremendously. Full of hope of achieving his power, Cole pushed on towards the cabin which he woke up in earlier that morning. He was home by midnight, and crashed into his bed, falling asleep in an instant.

Morning comes, and Cole woke up from his slumber, refreshed and rejuvenated. And just as the day before, he picked up his father’s journal, and read into it again. To his surprise, the words which had appeared erased, were brought back into its original form. Cole continued to read from where he left off. “Then, after defeating Breen, you must descend the mountain, and travel five miles north, which will bring you to a small forest. Inside of that forest, lies Xerox, the unknown. After you defeat Xerox, you will have lost memory of battling him, just as I have. I don’t have any useful words about how to overcome this monster. However I am confident that you will succeed in beating him. Good luck my son.” Those were the last words in the journal, but there were still a few blank pages after that. Cole, doubting that this would be his last quest to obtain his true power, started on his hike towards the forest of which his father spoke.

Cole, in no time, had arrived at the forest. Just outside the entrance of the forest, sat an old lady, who looked well advanced in years, in a rocking chair, on the porch of a cabin. The cabin looked similar to that of his own. He walked up to the lady, and said, “Hi there.” The old lady responded, “oh! You must be Cole. It’s so nice to see you again!” Cole, shocked that this lady knew his name, asked, “How do you know my name?” The old lady responded, “My name is Kim. I knew your father since you were very little. I could tell who you were because you had the same features as when you were little. You have blonde curly hair, and cheekbones that look just like your father’s. What is it that troubles you? I can see past that fake smile. “Nothing.” Persisted Cole. “Come. Have a seat.” Said Kim, as she pointed to a chair which sat right beside her. “I have a friend who used to sit in that very chair which you’re sitting in. Her name is Brandi. Now, I know why you’re here. You’re here to obtain your true power, which your father told you about, and in order to do that, you must defeat Xerox. I can assure you that if you do manage to defeat him, you will have no memory of anything that happened during that fight. There is nothing that I can say, other than this. ‘Those who do not study history, are condemned to repeat it.’ If you remember those words, you will come out of that forest victorious.” Cole replied in gratitude, “Thanks. I will remember those very words. I must get going.” Kim acknowledged, “Indeed. you’re very welcome. I wish you luck in your pursuit for your true power.” Cole got up from the comfy rocking chair, and entered into the forest.

Suddenly, it became dark, and rain clouds covered the forest which Cold had entered. The atmosphere felt very similar to that of the mountain top. The air was thick, and it was hard to walk, as the rain and sand mixed to make mud. In the fog of the forest, appeared a little girl, with red hair, and a purple dress on. In her hands, a teddy bear, which she held in front of her face, almost as if she was talking to it. Cole, not sure if this was Xerox, asked the girl, “Are you Xerox? The one whom I must defeat?” She replied out of topic, “You wanna play too? It’ll be fun!” Cole became confused, and persisted, saying, “Are you Xerox?” The girl answered in a voice of laughter, as if she didn’t hear Cole, “Come play with me.” Cole remained quiet, confident that this little girl was not normal. After a pause, the girl had put her teddy bear on a stone, and told it to come play. Suddenly, the teddy bear grew into a full grown bear, which had fire radiating around it. The girl yelled in excitement, “Tibbers!” The full grown bear, walked towards Cole, who had witnessed the whole thing from behind a rock. The bear saw Cole, and chased him. Cole ran for his life, but the bear had exceeding speed. The bear caught up to Cole, grabbed him, picked him up, and made him stare right into his eyes. Cole tried to resist, but his attempt had been in vain. He was put into the world of the bear’s eyes. He was no longer in the forest, but in a world of nothingness. Everything was pitch black, so nothing could be seen. Suddenly, He heard the voice of Breen. “I knew we would have another chance to play together.” Cole was stunned in fear. He could still hear the crying of Breen. He did not know what to do. He could not just walk past Breen now, because he was in another dimension. Cole was stunned in fear. Suddenly he remembered the words of Kim. “Those who do not study history, are condemned to repeat it.” He thought about those words. He thought about how this could possibly help in this situation. Anxious to get out of this dimension, and scared, he tried to remember something about Breen that would help him get out of this forsaken world, but he didn’t know what is was that he needed to remember. He recalled when he walked away from Breen at the mountain top. He had an idea. The only reason he defeated Breen, was because he had ignored him, not because he walked away. So, with this in mind, Cole ignored the words of Breen, just as he did before. Sure enough, the spell which our hero was under, had been lifted. Breen, in a faint voice, said, “You have succeeded in beating me. I will take you back from whence you came, and after you wake up from your sleep, look into your father’s book!”

Cole woke up from his slumber. He slept better than he had ever slept before. He could not remember anything from yesterday, but he did remember defeating Xerox, just not exactly how. These words echoed in his head, “after you wake up from your sleep, look into your father’s book!” He checked his father’s book. More writing had been added to the pages. He continued to read from where he left off. “There will be two more battles which you must overcome, before facing the final monster. You must defeat Dana, the owl of never ending knowledge, and Arnold, the human elephant. You must defeat those two to even stand a chance against this final beast, which lives closer to you than you’d expect. To find Dana, you must speak to the lady named Kim, who lives just outside the forest where you defeated Xerox. Kim will guide you to the right path. There is no more I can say in this book. Destroy this book, so nobody learns of our secret. I love you son.” The boy gathered all his things, and made his way back to Kim’s cabin. On the way, he tore the pages out of his father’s journal, shredded them, and buried them under some dirt, to never be found again. He arrived at the cabin of which Kim stayed, and saw Kim in her rocking chair, just as she had been before. He came up to her, and asked where he may find Dana, the owl of never ending knowledge. She told him that he would have to meet her friend, Brandi, for she knows where Dana resides. “You can find Brandi at a place where land and sea intertwine, about three-hundred miles east from here. She will have a cabin just like mine near there.” She said. “One more thing,” she added. “Take this.” She handed him a bag of food, and plenty of water to take with him on the trip. He thanked her, and began on his way. Hours had lapsed and it became night time. Luckily for the boy, he had studied the stars with his father when he was a young boy, so he kept track of where he was heading. It was unquestionably cold, and the boy had no extra clothes to wear. He pushed on, despite the sheer cold, which froze his fingers shut. He sometimes ran to warm himself up. Cole did not want to rest until morning came, so he continued on his voyage until he saw the sun in the sky. The sun rose, and Cole fell on his face from exhaustion. Finally, he would get some rest.

Cole did not sleep long, for he wanted to get to Brandi soon. Having only a few hours of rest, Cole got up, and set his feet in motion. To his surprise, he saw the place of which Kim talked about. It was nearly five miles ahead. He would be there in no time. Having arrived at the shore of where the land and sea meet, he saw the cabin which Brandi stayed in. He went up to the front of the house, and just like Kim, Brandi sat in a similar rocking chair, while staring out to the waters. He came up to her, and asked if she knew where he could find Dana, the owl of infinite knowledge. Brandi replied, “Yes. I know where you can find Dana. But first, if I may ask, what makes you bitter on the inside? Why are you so angry?” Cole remained quiet for brief moment, then again, persisted to say, “why does everybody keep asking me that? I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just here to defeat Dana, as a part of my quest to obtain my true power.” Brandi ignored his arrogance, and continued, “if you hope to defeat Dana with your smarts alone, you might not even understand what it is the owl speaks. Dana will give you knowledge, and if you can remember everything that he tells you, and repeat it in any way he asks you to, then he will fight you. If you triumph physically, he will give you something that will help you to obtain your true power.” Cole persisted, “Then what is it that I need to learn? I will gladly do anything I need to in order to obtain my true power.” Brandi responded, “You must learn the art of taking Brandi notes. I can teach you the art, if you would like.” Cole quickly answered, “yes! Of course. Anything that will help me defeat Dana would be greatly appreciated.” So brandi started teaching Cole how to take Brandi notes, and with this knowledge, he could remember anything, as long as he took Brandi notes. He would also have the ability to slow down time, and take note of everything before even a second passes. “Now you are ready to face Dana. Dana resides in a library, not too far from here,” said Brandi. Cole thanked her, and marched on his way.

The library was huge, and filled with countless books. It was dark, and the air felt thick, filled with dust. Then suddenly Cole heard the flapping of giant wings. The bird was flying through the never ending isles of bookshelves, then swooped down in front of Cole. The owl was huge. It had white and goldish fur, with giant yellow eyes. “Hoo are you?” Cole answered him, saying, “I have come to match your knowledge, and defeat you in combat.” “Is that so? Well then. Let us begin.” Said the owl. The owl grabbed a random book from a bookshelf. I will bathe you with knowledge from this book, and you must soak it all in, like a sponge. Can you do that?” Questioned the owl. “Of course. Otherwise, I would not be here,” answered Cole confidently. The owl began to read the book. Cole, using the techniques he had learned from Brandi, captured every bit of information in his head. “Now,” the owl said, “Let’s see whether you are bright enough to face me in combat. Repeat every word I just said, starting from the end, to the beginning. Cole tapped into his brain, and sorted the information, placing it in order from last to first. In a moment’s notice, he started to repeat what the owl said, backwards. He had done it flawlessly, and the owl agreed that he had passed the test. “Now,” the owl said, “Having passed this test on smarts alone, you may face me in battle. But be warned, this is my home, and I have many tactical advantages over you.” Cole looked at the owl with fire in his eyes, ready to engage. He charged at the owl who was hovering in the air. Unexpectedly, Dana, using the power in his mighty wings, knocked Cole to the ground. Cole had no chance of winning if he kept engaging like this. He backed up to the wall of the library, in hopes that the owl would try to fly into him, and run into the wall during the process. Dana saw what Cole was doing, and laughed. “You really think I would run into that wall?! I thought you were smart.” Said Dana in disappointment. The boy started running through the isles of bookshelves. The owl chased after him. Cole noticed that the owl, all though smart and not easily tricked, was clumsy. With every passing isle, the bird crashed into one side of the bookshelves, and sometimes bounced back and crashed into the other side. If he could keep running, the owl would easily tire out. So he proceeded with this plan. Quickly, as expected, the owl grew exhausted. Dana stopped to regain his energy. Cole used this moment to his advantage. He climbed on a bookshelf next to the owl, and jumped, aiming for the owl’s eye. He hit the eye right in the pupil. The owl became outraged and knocked him back with his wings. “That was a cunning move!” Shouted the owl. “The eye is the most important aspect of the owl in the dark. I will accept defeat. You have won.” Cole let out a sigh of relief. Finally it was over. “I suppose you have heard that if you overcome me in wits and battle, that I would help you in the process to unlock your true power, and indeed, I will hold my part of the bargain. Come.” A stairway opened, leading to an underground room. Cole entered the room, and saw a piece of fine paper, placed on a pedestal. He observed the writing on the paper, and instantly noticed that it was his father’s handwriting. He eagerly read into it. “I’m so happy to see you’ve made it this far. You have only one more challenge ahead of you, until you can face the true monster, which you very well know. You must challenge Arnold, the human elephant, to a match of strength. This will be the most physically demanding challenge you will ever accept. But fear not, for I have placed a good friend of mine there to teach you how to win against Arnold, and make you infinitely strong. His name is Ajax. You can find Ajax next to the mountain I like to call, mount. Stronghold. You will see why I call it that when you get there. This mountain can be found in the Sahara desert. It is a long way from here, so long that nobody could travel by feet. Ask Dana, and he will fly you to the home of which Ajax stays.” The boy put the paper down, and sat on the floor next to the pedestal. He needed to rest before taking on anymore.

Cole took a whole day to rest, and when that day was up, he went to the owl, and asked him if he would fly him to the Sahara desert. The owl agreed. Both of them moved outside. The boy, already packed up, jumped onto the owl’s back. They took off into the sky in an instant.

Soon, the owl landed in the desert, not too far from mount. Stronghold. Cole hopped off of the owl’s back. Dana told Cole that the mountain of which his father speaks lies just up ahead. The great owl wished Cole luck on his journey, and flew off into the sky. Cole took a look at the mountain. It was gray, and had spikes all around it, which pointed outward, like that of a cactus. Just in the center of the mountain, was the cave which Cole needed to enter, in order to face Arnold. No wonder his father called it mount Stronghold. It would be nearly impossible to enter the cave at the center of it, without being cut by the rock spikes.

The heat was unbearable, and unlike any he had experienced before. Low on water, the boy knew that he would have to reach Ajax’s house soon, otherwise, the consequences would be catastrophic. Without hesitation, he started on his hike. Miles in the Sahara desert seemed longer to walk because of the sand, as opposed to walking on solid ground.

The sand ate his feet. Hopefully, it would not be too long before he reached Ajax’s house. Cole, not seeing any houses, looked at a ginormous rock, which was beside the mountain. “No way. This can’t be his house…” He thought. Still curious, he came up to the giant mass of stone, and called, “hello? Is anybody there?” Quickly a voice replied, “ah yes. I am here. Suddenly, the sturdy rock which stood before Cole, was levitating up into the air. He could notice the arms of a man underneath, which had seemed to be holding the rock. The rock was moved aside, and a giant hole under the rock had been revealed. It was Ajax’s house. Out from the hole came Ajax. He had a massive build, and was ripped on every inch of his body. He wore a red headband, wrapped around his spiky brown hair. His eyes were brown, and could simply pierced anyone’s soul at his will. He also had a white robe on, and a red belt around his waist. Cole was amazed by the strength which Ajax had just demonstrated. “You must be Cole. I was told you would stop by some time ago,” said Ajax. “Good,” the boy replied, “then you must know why I’m here.” “Indeed,” continued Ajax. “We must start your training soon, but for right now, please, rest in my bed until you feel replenished, for you will need all your strength for tomorrow.” Cole did not argue. He jumped into the deep hole, and found a bed just beside him. He rested until his energy and strength was fully replenished.

Finally having woken up, he looked around, and could see nothing. He realized that Ajax had placed the boulder over the hole again. He tried to lift the rock, but it was pointless. Unexpectedly, he felt the fist of a grown man smack his face. He spiraled onto the ground. “What’s going on?!” He shouted. Cole heard Ajax’s voice, which answered, “training.” “Why in the dark?” Yelled Cole. “Arnold lives in a cave, because he is blind. How do you expect to beat him without sight?” Responded Ajax. Corrected, Cole continued, “Okay then. What am I supposed to do?” “Hit me. If you can manage to land a single blow on me, I will begin your strength training, but for now, this is the most crucial thing that you must learn. Hit me with all of the anger that resides in you.” Cole was confused. How does everybody know about his anger which he kept bottled inside. The fight began. Cole had been hit in all directions, and to no end. He knew that before trying to punch Ajax, he must first try to counter Ajax’s solid blows. He tried to block the punches, but the seemed to come from every direction, at incredible speed. Using the power of Brandi notes, he was able to slow down time, and feel the beatings all around him. It would start with a punch from Ajax’s left hand to the right side of his waist, then it would move to Ajax’s right hand hitting his stomach, then Ajax would knee him in the back, which caused him to lean backwards, then Ajax would turn to give a downward spiking elbow his face, which lead to an uppercut placed on the back of his head. Cole had recognized the pattern. Shockingly, Cole had blocked all of the hits which Ajax delivered, and returned with a blow to the fighter’s stomach. Ajax was impressed. They both took a moment to catch a breath. Ajax lifted the boulder to fill the room with light, and congratulated the boy. “Whatever power it is that you used to predict my moves, and deliver that punch, you must use against Arnold. You will surely win, if you do so. Get some more rest.” The boy, bruised and bleeding from the beating, went to sleep once more.

He woke up early next morning, to find Ajax cooking some meat over a fire, which he had just put up recently. He offered the boy some meat, and without hesitation, Cole took it and ate. Cole was full, and eagerly asked if they could start training. Inspired by Cole’s enthusiasm, Ajax agreed. Time lapses, and it became night. Cole had pushed his body to limits which had been unknown to him. Ajax said to Cole, “All of today’s work will need to be set as a routine you will have to follow every single day from now on, until you are able to pick up the very rock which you sleep under.” Our hero, after witnessing what he was capable of in the past two days, and even since the start of his journey, sealed the deal.

It has been just under a month since Cole had started his training, and he felt ready to attempt picking up the boulder. Cole had gained a large portion of muscle all over his body during that period of time. In the morning of the thirtieth day, Cole called Ajax to witness him picking up the boulder, he cracked his knuckles, and placed his fingers under the rock. He made sure that he had a solid grip. Sure enough, he was able to lift the boulder overhead. Ajax saw this glorious sight, and happily told Cole, “You are ready! Pack your things, and head for the cave in the center of the mountain. You won’t need to come back after you have faced Arnold, for you will no longer need me.” In excitement, the boy gathered all his things.

Before the hero left, Ajax handed him heavy, metal gauntlets, which would allow Cole to climb the spiky mountain unscathed. He tried them on. They were a perfect fit. Cole thanked Ajax for everything he had done, and raced to the mountain.

Cole stood in front of the mountain, and looked at it in awe. The mountain looked deadly, and destructive. He threw the gauntlets on his hands, and began to climb, being careful of any spikes that might pierce his body. Of course, as you would expect, the gauntlets made climbing very difficult, because they were so hefty. But that was no problem for Cole, for he had gained a great deal of strength.

Cole had made It to the entrance of the cave. The cave was so deep, it made the light which shined into it ease into a pitch black. He entered into the cave. The entrance to the cave was blocked. Now there was absolutely no light. In front of him, he could hear a man saying, “I hope you don’t mind the dark.” He then proceeded, “my name is Arnold, the human elephant. They call me the human elephant, because I have the strength, and power of one.” “in order for you to come out of this cave alive, you must either take a beating for a few days straight, or, you could put me down yourself. I highly recommend the second choice, for I could go longer than a few days should you prove not to be a challenge to me. Cole took his gear off, and set it far aside, hoping that he would not trip over it. He slowed down time, to pinpoint where Arnold was at when he was talking. He was about thirty feet in front of him. He exited his mental state, and told Arnold, “I accept your challenge.” Arnold laughed in pitty. Immediately after, the fierce fighter jumped at Cole, delivering a punch aimed towards his face. Cole used his power to read this moved. He grabbed Arnold’s fist, locked his hand on it, and tossed him aside. Arnold, having taken the first fall, was bitter, and filled with rage. “Indeed, you are not a normal boy. You have something inside of you that nobody has. I shall unleash my full potential!” Suddenly, the man ran with the mass of an elephant. He aimed for Cole, eventually knocking him straight to the ground. It felt like the face of an elephant had impacted his stomach. He could not breath for a short amount of time, and wheezed when he finally got some air. “You cannot overpower me, little boy. I have become an elephant in form. It is impossible to match strength with me.” Cole ignored his words, and got up, expecting to take another blow. As expected, the mammoth ran into Cole, yet again. This time the force sent him flying towards the wall of the cave, and left the wall imprinted with Cole’s form. After hitting the wall, he fell face down into the ground. His body was shocked, and could not handle the beating. But then, he remembered why he was here. As impossible as it seemed, the boy got up. He assumed his fighting position, and listened carefully for the elephant’s steps. He heard the thump he was waiting for, and with lightning speed, he ran towards Arnold, and nailed him in the face with his fist. The behemoth flinched, but it did no harm to him. Cole was simply not strong enough on his own, to deal damage to Arnold. Cole thought about how he could put more power in his punch, then he remembered the gauntlets which Ajax gave him. The gauntlets weighed at least twenty-five pounds. That would be more than enough to deliver a solid knockout punch. He tried to find his bag, but he could not see. He had no clue where it was. Arnold used this moment to his advantage and ran Cole over. Arnold’s weight caused the floor to shake, and the clashing of metal could be heard.. It was the gloves running into each other. He needed to hear them once more to find their exact location. Cole teased Arnold to run over him again. Without hesitation, the mammoth ran at full speed towards the boy. Cole heard the clashing once more. He dodged the elephant, and ran towards the gauntlets. Having finally found them, Cole threw the gauntlets on, and waited for his moment to strike. The mad beast aimed towards Cole, and sprinted in his direction. Cole, using his mental power, slowed down time, and waited for the perfect moment to counter strike the elephant. The behemoth was within Cole’s reach. He finally delivered the fatal blow. The elephant was knocked into the air, and landed on it’s side. Arnold turned back into his human form, and said to the boy, “Well done. I am weak, and wish to fight no more. You have won.” Those words made Cole joyful on the inside. Arnold unblocked the entrance, and asked Cole to step outside. Arnold said to Cole, “I am impressed that you were able to overcome the strength of an elephant.” He then added, “this is my present to you. It’s a map you must follow in order to face the final monster. It will lead you to a volcano. Please take care.” He had also handed Cole all of his stuff, which was in the cave. Arnold left the outside, and went back into his den. Cole was finally ready to face the true beast, of which his father spoke. He looked at the map, and noticed that the place which he must travel to was a volcano. He sat, still outside of the cave entrance, and rested against the wall.

A day passed, and Cole was rested. Now he would have to figure out how to descend the mountain safely. He could not simply jump down, for the fall would kill him. It would be rough to descend, but that seemed like the only possible way. Cole put his gloves on, and started to climb down the mountain. He went slow, and descended very carefully. One missed step could prove to be fatal. The climb lasted for hours, but he managed to reach the bottom flawlessly. Now it’s time to follow the map, which Arnold gave him

He followed the lines on the map until he reached the river, which he must cross to get onto an island, which the volcano rested on. The river looked crossable by swimming, so Cole went ahead and jumped in. He paddled with all his might, for he did not know what rested under these waters. He made it to shore unharmed. The volcano stood in all it’s might, and glory. Cole had never seen something so unique. Surrounding the mountain was a thick forest, which he would have to push through in order to climb the mountain. He walked through the thick forest. Vines grabbed onto him, his feet fell into quicksand, the bushes caused him to itch, but it would all be worth the pain. The boy pushed through. The jungle had put a toll on Cole, but he was finally at the feet of the volcano. Luckily, it was not hard to climb, because it had a wider slant than the last two mountains. He could walk to the top with ease.

Finally having reached the top, the moy looked down the mouth of the volcano, and felt called to jump in. He could not see anything inside the volcano, so, taking a deep breath, he prepared himself for the jump. Not a moment too soon, he jumped in. The fall was great. To his surprise, he landed on a thick, spongy material, which absorbed the fall. He stood up, and looked around. He noticed that the platform he was standing on was a giant circle, which floated over the hot, fiery magma. Everything rested at the bottom of the volcano. The heat from the magma was scorching his hands, and feet. The volcano from the outside was pure beauty, but on the inside, everything looked hostile, and frightening. He thought about that for a moment. “Does this mean something?” He wondered. He had not seen any monster yet. He looked back at the map, using the light given to him from the lava to read it. This was indeed the right volcano. The deadly monster which his father wrote about, was inside of Cole. He tried to think of what this volcano could represent. It was mighty, and looked magnificent on the outside, but on the inside it was deadly. He came to a shocking conclusion. The deadly monster which his father wrote about, was inside of himself. It all made sense. The bug, Kim, Brandi, and Ajax had all said there was something wrong inside of him. Was this it? Does the final monster rest within his own body? Then suddenly, at that very moment, a ghostly copy of Cole sprang out from inside of him. “Indeed you are correct. The monster does live inside of you!” The ghost suddenly took a physical form. It was an exact duplicate of Cole. Although a duplicate, the copy had an evil smile on his face. The copy sent a blow to Cole, knocking him to the edge of the platform, close to the lava. Cole rolled away from the edge, and got back up. He tried to punch the copy, but the copy blocked his fist and countered with uppercut to Cole’s stomach. Cole knew that he could not physically beat his copy. The copy ran at lightning speed towards Cole. Cole used his power to slow down time, and find a weak spot, but the copy had the same power as well. Slowing down time proved useless. He tried to mentally block out the copy, as he had done with Breen, but that did not work either. It was a complete copy. Everything that Cole had done, the copy could do the same. How could anyone defeat a copy of themselves? He tried to think of something, while exchanging continuous punches with the copy. When Cole dodged a punch, the copy would do the same.Still having thought of nothing, the fight prolonged. Cole had thought of nothing. Cole began to get angry. Then suddenly, he remembered that this clone came from inside of him. He was simply fighting his emotions. The anger only resided in Cole, because he wanted get revenge on his father’s killer. Cole had remembered that this power was not meant for revenge, but for good. Knowing this, he forgave the killer, in his heart, and immediately, the clone threw itself into the fire. His anger had burned up in the magma. He felt so enlightened, and also felt the power coursing through his veins. He had control of everything around him, allowing him to ascend out of the volcano. He was happier than he had ever been.

Having his newfound power, he revisited all the people who had helped him obtain his power, and thanked them endlessly. He returned to the volcano, and built a home right next it, so that it could remind him never to hold a grudge, or get angry. The sky had many layers of colors from the setting sun, and he watched the sunset from the top of his volcano. He cried in memory of his father, looking at the journal which he tore the pages out of. He kept it to remember his father by. The sun had finished setting, and it was dark. The boy had cried tears of joy for hours, in the cold night. He would continue his great grandfather’s legacy, which is exactly what his father wanted.


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