Through My Eyes, by Macey Robles

Macey Robles

Mrs. Harrison

World Literature

24 October 2015

Through My Eyes

Sunlight, something she didn’t see very often, especially when you first wake. Bexley rolled over on her mat to find Divina in the most uncomfortable position. Bexley never really understood how her and Divina became friends, they were so opposite.  Divina always saw the best in people; she was caring, optimistic, with quirkiness about her. Bexley was quiet around most people, unless she was comfortable around you. She was cautious of the world and people around her, and a bit awkward. You could say they complimented each other perfectly. Bexley smiled at her best friend, the only smile she would have that day. She sat on her mat and tried to wake up Divina, who by now had been mumbling about food. She opened her eyes and gave a sleep smile. “Morning Bex.” “Morning Divina, you have to get up, we’re leaving.” Divina and Bexley proceeded to roll up their mats and place them in their packs. They were Wanderers, children whose parents had been taken by the destroyers. They were scientists who had learned how to cross the DNA of adults and animals. As a child, if your parents were picked to undergo this process, they placed a chip in your brain, which allowed them to learn about your fears as you grew up. They then transformed your parents into shift shape your parents to that fear. This process would take ages, with some children dying before it had been completed.  If you happened to still be alive by the time the process was complete, the destroyers would send a message to your chip, and the locator would be activated. This was so you would be able to face your fear and parent, in a battle were only one survives. The girls had been staying in a broken hut near the Catche River of Illinois, and were ready to keep going. As Bexley and Divina were leaving, Bexley began to experience a headache. Not wanting to bother her friend she said nothing. By noon, they had stopped for lunch, consisting of water and dehydrated food packets. While Bexley had been taking a drink from her water, her head began to ache again, but this time she could hear beeping sounds. Divina was talking about a new male wanderer she had met while in town, and Bexley simply couldn’t stand it anymore. “Divina, be quiet.” She said softly. Divina must not have heard her, because she kept talking. “Divina, shut up!” Divina was stunned her friend had raised her voice at her and replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. Are you okay?” “I don’t know,” Bexley said a bit annoyed, “My heads has been pounding all morning. Do you hear that beeping sound?” Divina listened carefully, and then shook her head no. Bexley kept listening, waiting. All of a sudden she heard a click, then a monotone voice say “transfiguration complete, location mechanism activated.” Her face became white, with a jaw dropped in terror. She fell to her knees and starred at the ground. Divina asked her what was wrong, soft and gentle at first, then raising her voice every time she spoke, until she began to scream. Bexley couldn’t hear her. She had tuned out all the noise and just kept replaying the voice over and over again, “location mechanism activated.” They were coming for her. They were ready.

After processing this, she rose slowly, looked Divina straight in the eye and said, “We have to go. Now.” They began to run along the river. Dodging tree branches, jumping rocks, and making sure not to slip into the brown, muddy water. They ran till their legs ached. By now they had slowed to a walk and had finally stopped. Bexley sank to the trunk of a tree, head in her hands. Divina was trying to catch her breath, with hands rested on her knees. She looked at Bexley with a confused face and asked, “Bex-what-ha-happened?” Bexley looked into her friends unusual grey eyes and said, “It’s complete. The transformation. My chip had beeped and they-they’re locating me.” Divinas face had changed from concerned to terrified. Bexley felt the same, but wouldn’t show it. “We should stay here for the night, but tomorrow we have to keep going. We have to stay away from the destroyers.”  Divina agreed, so they set up what few things they had, ate, and went to bed. Divina was able to sleep anywhere, no matter how loud. Bexley couldn’t stand the stench of the waste water, and it was so noisy. The tree frogs made chirping sounds day or night. The only thing Bexley didn’t mind was the darkness. The lake was surrounded by trees, so the only light that was available was the moonlight reflecting off the river. As she laid there buried in the darkness and thoughts, she heard a rustle in the leaves. She laid still as stone, listening carefully to every sound. As she began to relax after a few minutes of silence, she heard she heard the sound of leaves crunching under someone or something’s foot. She sat up straight up like a plant of wood. The sound became louder and louder until it stopped. She looked around and saw nothing. She was about to lay back down when she had seen a dark figure near a tree. In fear, Bexley quickly crawled towards Divina, telling her to get up slowly and run. She rose as she was told and took off, leaving her belongings. Bexley became frantic, and tried to grab both her pack and Divinas. She looked around her and saw the figure moving closer towards her, so she sprang up and ran. She wanted to look back countless times, but couldn’t. At one point she just had to. As she turned around she tripped over a lifted root. She was trying to recover from the wind getting knocked out of her, when she lifted her head to see the figure coming towards her. It was too late to get up and run, so she curled up into a ball in fear. She flinched as a large, warm hand was placed on her shoulder. She was surprised, so she looked up to see a human, a boy to be exact. He smiled at her, trying to make her feel better.

“Its okay, get up. I’m not going to hurt you.” He offered her his hand and helped her up. “I’m Phoenix. I didn’t mean to scare you and your friend; I just saw you and was hoping we were going the same way. I hate travelling alone.” Bexley, still a little shocked, answered, “I guess you can. I have to catch up with my friend, and you can stay with us temporarily.”  He smiled and led the way next to the river. As they walked bexley observed him. He was taller than her by at least five inches, with short brown hair. His skin was dark, but not extremely dark. She guessed he could be Mexican, or Hispanic. He had hazel eyes, and hands that seemed to large for him, that maybe he had to grow into them. It had to have been around midnight when they reached Divina. She was leaning against a rock with her arms wrapped around her legs. “Oh my gosh I was so worried!” Divina said as she wrapped Bexley in a hug. As Divina had hugged her she noticed Phoenix standing 10 feet away. “Who’s that?” Divina whispered in Baxley’s ear. “His names Phoenix. He had been following us. I told him he could stay with us for tonight, since he didn’t want to travel alone. We can talk about it in the morning.”  “That’s defiantly alright with me. He’s the cutest thing I’ve seen since that guy in the market!” she said as she walked up to phoenix, ready to swoon him.  “So, how old are you Phoenix?” Divina questioned as she circled him. “I’m eighteen.” He replied bluntly. “Oh wow, only two days older than me! That’s got to be a sign!” Bexley laughed slightly as Phoenix rolled his eyes.

Bexley awoke to the sound of water splashing. She blinked continually to become used to the light and get the gunk out of her eyes. She sat up and says Phoenix shaking his hands, which had water dripping from them. “Did you go swimming or something?” she asked. “No, I rinsed my hands. How did you sleep?” Bexley didn’t know how to answer. No one had ever cared how she was doing or how she felt. “Umm, okay I guess. You?” “Divina talked my ear off, so I obviously didn’t sleep. I didn’t know someone could talk so much!” “Ha-ha, welcome to my life.” Bexley replied a bit sarcastically. She watched him for a bit, not knowing what to say. “So, what are you running away from?” He looked out for a second, pretending to be looking at something distant. “Oh, uh, I’m not running from anything. I just wanted to go to a new settlement, that’s all. You running from something?” She wanted to be honest, but telling a stranger what was going on was dangerous and plain stupid. He could turn her in. She decided to lie. “No. Divina found out she might have cousins in a nearby settlement. We decided to go.” “That’s cool. I’m really excited what lies ahead.” He smiled at her, so she smiled back. They heard Divina moving, so they decided to get up and pack up before she started talking. Once Divina’s grey eyes fluttered open, Bexley handed her a food packet and they started walking.

It was now night time, and the children had stumbled across an abandoned settlement. They picked a house and decided to stay here for the night. Phoenix had set up his few belongings in a house close to where the girls were staying. The girls were about the make “dinner” when Phoenix walked in. “Hey, I uh-I don’t have any more food packets. Could you share a little?” Bexley was about to protest, saying the only had enough for themselves, when Divina quickly broke in. “Of course! We have plenty to share. Come sit by me!” He smiled, and then sat next to Divina. Divina starred at Phoenix for a few minutes, until she practically screamed in his ear. “I know now! I can’t believe I hadn’t figured it out before!” He looked at her with a scared face, saying, “What are you talking about?” “You looked so familiar when we met, but I couldn’t figure out who you were or how I knew you, and now I know!” She paused then continued, “You’re the cute guy I saw at our previous settlement in the market!” Divina quickly covered her mouth, bewildered that she had just said that. Bexley and Phoenix began to laugh, and phoenix said, “Well I’m glad at least you found me attractive.” Divina suddenly became relaxed. “Wow, that’s weird.” Divinas face became pale in astonishment. “Hey Bex, have you noticed Phoenix’s eyes?” Bexley had heterochromia iridum, a birth defect that causes your eyes to be different colors. Her left eye was dark green, while her right eye was hazel brown. For some reason she had never noticed his eyes, but they were just like her eyes. The only exception was his left eye was hazel while the right was green. They stared at each other for what seemed to be hours, until Bexley spoke up. “I’ve never met anyone-and I mean ANYONE- who had the same defect I have, let alone the same colors!” “Believe me; this is weird for me to.” They sat there wondering how strange this was, until they heard a little knock on the door.

Bexley and Phoenix looked at each other, confused and wondering how someone had found them in the middle of nowhere. Phoenix rose from his place next to Divina and slowly walked to the door. He looked the peep-hole in the wooden door, and leaned back in surprise. “There’s no one out there.” He said as a baffled look spread across his face. He was about to walk away when he heard another knock, followed by a light monotone voice, “Hello. Can we come in. let us in please.” Phoenix looked again then quickly backed away against a wall, mouth open in terror. “What’s wrong? Who is it? What is it?” Bexley asked impatiently. “Its-their-their kids.” Bexley was more confused than ever. “Kids? Well let them it! They must be-“ “You don’t understand,” he cut her off. “They don’t look like normal children.” Bexley, drowning in all her confusion, got up to check for herself. As she looked through the peep-hole, she couldn’t believe what she saw. There were four children, two boys and two girls, spanning from the ages of eight to twelve. They had jet black hair, black clothes, and the sickliest pale yellowish skin. The strangest yet most striking thing about their appearance was their eyes. Completely black. No iris at all. They seemed to only have large pupils. Bexley turned to face Phoenix and Divina saying, “They’re black-eyed children. Don’t let them in. no matter what.” “What are black-eyed children?” Phoenix asked. “”Pretty much demons living inside children.” She replied. “Oh, how delightful.” He responded with half worry half sarcasm in his voice. “Don’t worry, they won’t come in unless you invite them. As long as we ignore them we should be safe.” Just as she said this, they heard banging against the door, with a young boys monotone voice saying, “Don’t ignore us. Let us in or we will break in. We won’t hurt all of you, we’ve only been sent to receive one male and one female.” In that instant, Bexley knew. This was the destroyer’s way of coming after her. She looked at Divina, trying to warn her not to say anything, but it was too late. “Bexley the destroyers! They’re coming for you! They used the tracking system.” As Divina said this, they heard loud banging’s coming from the door. Suddenly, they heard the sounds of scratching feet against the walls. The children were climbing up the walls. The trio began to panic. The roof was made of brittle clay, so after a few blows, and they’d be inside. The  sounds of feet pounding became stronger, and tiny flakes of the clay began to falling from the ceiling. Divina and Bexley quickly began to gather up their belongings. Bexley saw Phoenix standing dumb-founded. She called to him, screaming over the loud noise of the children tearing the roof to pieces. “Phoenix! What are you doing? We need to get out of here!” he looked at her with sullen eyes. The room was filled with the loud sounds of the children’s thuds and wailing screeches. In the midst of the noise she could hear him. “Was our chip activated two days ago?” He asked dully. She decided to answer honestly this time, since it was already so apparent and there was no reason to lie. She nodded her head yes, and he almost seemed to be staring into her deepest inner being. “Mine did to.” They were both brought down in confusion. How could two children who didn’t even know each other , could have both parents ready. They snapped back into reality as the sounds of the children’s screams became louder. “How are we going to get out of here! There’s still  two kids at the door and two tearing the roof apart! There’s no way out!” I saw this earlier and it might work.” Phoenix then pulled out a stepping ladder. “Once they break through the roof we can use this to get out through the gap they make!” The girls nodded agreement. The tree of the them pressed their bodies to opposite walls, and waited for the ceiling to cave in. After a few minutes, they heard a slight crack. CRASH! The ceiling came down, making dust float around the room like a tornado. The demon possessed hoodlums began crawling underneath the rubble while Div, Bex and Phoenix  began climbing over the rubble. Phoenix helped Divina first. He lifted her by the waist and she reached for the edge of the roof. In all the chaos, Bexley saw what a cute couple they would be. Phoenix slapped Bexley in the arm trying to get her attention. “Bexley come on! The kids are almost out!” Bexley ran towards him, trying to avoid the sharp pieces of clay. She was less than five feet away from him, when she felt a tug on her ankle, which became a heavy pull that brought her to the floor. Panicked, Bexley looked behind her and saw an older boy pulling her by the ankle underneath the debris. “Phoenix!” she cried. There was now two other children who helped the boy in pulling her down. “Hold on I’m coming!” Phoenix through Divina into the ceiling and charged toward Bexley. Her face was bruised and cut from being dragged against the rocks. Phoenix reached out his hands for her to grab. She reached the point where she felt her arms had come out of her sockets. She cried out in pain. His grip on her small hands was firm yet gentle, as he pulled her out from the rocks. He scooped her into his arms and raced back to the step ladder where Divina was waiting to pull her up. “Thanks.” Bexley muttered, finding it hard to breathe. “I couldn’t let you go like that. I’ll always be here for you. Always.” She smiled. She may have not trusted him at first, but she felt he meant his words, and he really would always be there for her. He lifted her by her waist into Divinas outstretched arms. Once Bexley was safe, she was she was going to help her friend bring Phoenix up. As soon as she was positioned to grab his fore-arm, he was pulled to the floor by the evil children. Bexley watched in horror as they pulled his feet from under him and onto the ground. “Phoenix!” She screamed. She wanted to jump off the roof and into the pile of fighting bodies. She wanted t save him. She almost did, but Divina held her back. “Phoenix!” she screamed so loud it echoed. “Run! Get out of here! Go!” Divina pulled Bexley by the arm and together they jumped off the roof and ran into the woods.

They ran for a good mile or two before stopping to catch their breath. Bexley could barely suck in a gulp of air before she fell to her knees and cried. She never thought she could cry so profusely about someone she’d barely known. Yet she felt like another half of her had been ripped from her, like a soul torn from its body. Divina knelt beside her, shedding a tear or two herself. “Bexley, pull yourself together. I’m the one who actually liked him, and I’m not crying nearly as much as you.” Bexley knew Divina was simply trying to comfort her, in her own way. She couldn’t help but being mad at her friend, who was being so unsympathetic. Since Bexley couldn’t move, Divina set up their mats and took out the few provisions they had from her pack. She fed Bexley in silence, and sent her to bed full of grief.


There was a young girl. Seven, maybe six. She was in the front lawn of a yellow, one story house. You could see her lying under a Jacaranda tree with a boy who was two years older than she. They would lie there often, having light yet meaningful conversation of their future, the world and its current state. One day while lying under the tree with the boy, a set of parents had called them inside. The adults told them they would be going away for a little while and hey would be back shortly. The parents kissed them on the forehead and said. “No matter what, we will always be here for you.” And with that, they left. The children sat on the couch, wondering what they would do without a mother or father. These thoughts soon fled. A dozen men black masked men suddenly barged into the room, tearing the children apart. Screamed fill the room as the girl and the boy tried to grasp the others hand for the last time. They were pulled away before they had the chance. The boy was gone, leaving the little girl to fend for herself. No longer protected by someone who was always there for her.

Bexley snapped up. She couldn’t get the terrified screams of the girl out of her mind. Something about the dream she knew would never leave her.  It was still dark, but Bexley could scarcely see a light coming over the horizon, with silhouettes of pine trees plastered to it. Knowing she would never be able to fall back asleep, she decided to get up and walk. She wondered aimlessly for what seemed like hours (although it wasn’t because it was still dark). Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of light. It disappeared. She looked around her, closely waiting for a flash of light. It appeared. A slashing orange light several feet away. It flashed like am alarm going off. A wisp. Divina had told her about them. When a person felt lost, they would lead them back into the right direction. Excited, Bexley began to follow it. As she chased it, the anticipation grew within her. The faint wisp behind a tree had faded completely and as she looked around, she saw him. His tall lean figure standing alone. As their eyes met, he laughed. All the pain from yesterday melted away, and joy overwhelmed her. She ran towards him, ready to embrace him in a hug. His arms outstretched ready to embrace her, with a spread on his face. As she began to wrap her arms around his torso, she felt her own skin. She opened her eyes, and he had vanished. She looked around in confusion, feeling hot anger rage through her at the thought that someone thought it was funny to play her like that. She spun in circles looking for something, anything. She heard a rustling sound come from behind. As she turned around, a cold callused hand covered her mouth. She wanted to scream, but the shock took her voice away. She began to feel the same panic the young girl had felt while they pulled her away from the boy. She fought with all the strength she could muster up. She threw her body left and right like a fish, trying to free herself. Then everything was dark. Pitch black.

She awoke in a daze.  Groggy, she observed her surroundings. Taking in every inch of it. She was held up by beams of light, connected to polls attached to the wall. Her wrists and feet being trapped in the odd beams of light. The room was small, maybe ten feet by ten feet and covered in sheet metal. As she scanned the bland room, she saw Phoenix. In the same situation she had found herself in. his head was down, unconscious. “Phoenix! Phoenix!” his head began to bob up and down, till her decided to look around. He saw her and gave a weak smile. “Bex, how did you get here?” “I don’t know, I just woke up.” All the sudden a large white screen had appeared on the wall opposite of them. A man appeared. He had black hair, with a few white hairs straying. His skin was pale, and had lines in various places, showing he was aged. “Hello, and welcome to your fate. You have long awaited this day, when you will face your parents and fears.” Bexley knew what was going to happen, but she was confused on why she was going in with Phoenix? “The rules are simple,” the man continued, “you have two parents, plus you  and any siblings you may have, making three or more present in the ring. Only one person is allowed to survive. Your decision is if that survivor will be you.” Bexley looked to Phoenix, who had the same confused expression on this face. “Oh, and before I forget. We always let the children see a short recording of what your family looked like before your memories were wiped. Enjoy what might be your last sight of family, and try to survive.” The man disappeared and a photo of two children came upon the screen. Bexley felt they looked familiar, until it hit her like a truck. They were the children from her dream. They were lying underneath a Jacaranda tree. Bexley looked at the boy and realized he had the opposite eyes she had, with hands that looked too large for him. She took a side glance at Phoenix, until all the information began fitting together. As if he had put the puzzle pieces together, he looked her straight in the eye with a look of surprise. They were siblings. A brother and his little sister, a sister and her big brother. They tried to reach for the others hand, like when they were split up as children. Once their hands touched, they knew. They were each other missing piece. They were family.


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