The Skin Changer, By Divina Frias

Divina Frias

Mrs. Harrison

World Literature

01 November 2015

The Skin Changer

It was a breezy cloudy summer evening. The water was so clear, as they walked hand in hand, it was almost as if she could see her reflection. Something about the feeling in the sea salty air made her tense, but maybe it was not in the air maybe it was the uncertainty of him.

Four weeks earlier, Esther and her friends( Max, Regan, and Elisabeth) were eating at their usual spot, Olive Garden. It was as any other usual day, sunny but overcast with a slight chill in the air. As the four best friends were eating and chit-chatting, Elisabeth noticed a boy eating and sitting all by himself. She then told the rest of the group and suggested that he join them, so they did. He hesitantly accepted the offer not sure if he should be worried or thrilled. “So do you have a name orr…?” asked Regan whom is very upfront. “Yeah, of course,” the boy said giggling, “it is Jasper.” looking at Esther and Esther at him.

Esther did not know what it was about him but she could feel the familiarity when they talked.  Ever since that night, the group of four best friends became a group of five an everything was going marvelous. However a week and a half later, Jasper’s attitude and demeanor started shifting, Elisabeth, Max, and Regan all saw it but it was as if Esther was oblivious. Days passed and the friends tried to explain to Esther that something was off with Jasper. However, she still could not see it.

Three weeks later, Esher organized a day for the best friends to have a beach trip because she felt like they were drifting apart. Sadly, Regan, Max, and Elisabeth did not want anything to do with Jasper so they took a “raincheck”. So it seemed as Esther and Jasper would be going to the beach together.

She did not want to have to tell Jasper why the other friends did not want to go but just decided to tell him anyways. “So, the thing is Elisbeth, Max, and Regan did not want to come because they knew you were coming.” stated Esther. “Ouch, so does that mean the trip is off?” asking Jasper. “Well I was thinking you and I can still go, I mean if you want?” said Esther. “Yeah totally sounds cool, like a date.” stating Jasper with a twisted smile and a hint of ride in his voice. “Yeah, sure, like a date.” saying Esther finally realizing what the others were talking about.

The day for their “date” arrived faster than what Ether desired. Luckily for her the day was almost over. Esther loved the feeling of the soft sand upon her feet as they walked hand in hand but hated how the beach as so desolate. However there was a bonus to having the beach all to themselves, which was being able to explore everything and everywhere, even though it may it cost someone their life.

Jasper heard about a creepy cave that they could visit from his friends so he decided to take Esther with him to see it and give her a scare. As they started to walk towards the horrifying cave, the weather started to take a drastic turn. The rain clouds started appearing and the sun diminished therefore the beach became dark. Esther felt unsafe to go to the cave however kept on pushing it on her so she went. As soon as they got there, Esther realized she had made a mistake by even considering to go.

As they entered the cave Esther had an eerie feeling upon her shoulders and felt as if dark shadows were creeping up like monsters hiding in the night. Jasper tried convincing her that everything will be okay but deep down inside he was also afraid. Suddenly Esther walked out of the cave a lightning bolt it her and sent her crashing into the sand.

She awoke in a hospital bed with several IV tubes in her. She sat up but felt a sharp pain in her spinal area but immediately spotted Jasper fast asleep in one of the two chairs and Max plus Elisabeth in the two other chairs and felt safe and comforted. However she did wonder where Regan was but it would soon be revealed to her. Suddenly Jasper awoke and saw that Esther was awake but noticed something different about her that frightened him, and realized that it was as he got closer to her, all her injuries were healed very quickly but that was not all.

“How on earth are all your burns healed and your hair it has come back?!” asked Jasper. “What do you mean, how long was I sleeping for exactly and what do you mean my hair has come back?!!!!!” asking Esther. “Well you were only sleeping for one day and you had burns all over your arms and back plus you had a pretty horrible burn right on your forehead and not even to mention your hair…. it was almost all burnt off, I SAW IT! Unless you did something and you did like witchcraft or something to scare me for payback because I took you that cave!” saying Jasper accusing Esther. “Jasper, I can assure you, I do not do witchcraft nor do I have superpowers or something in case you were wondering!” stating Esther. “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!!!?” Jasper yelling at Esther. “Um what are you talking about, I did not do anything?” asking Esther clearly confused.  “YOU’RE HAIR AND FACE AND SKIN AND EVERYTHING! THEY CHANGED!” exclaiming Jasper bewildered by what had just happened.

Immediately Esther got up and felt the pain in her spinal area gone and looked in the mirror and saw a totally different person and was terrified. Soon after looking in the mirror Jasper ran out to be never seen by Esther again. Suddenly many people wearing hazardous suits and took Esther away from her barely waking friends. Esther recognized one of the shoes worn on a hazardous person but she knew it had to have been a coincidence because they shoes she recognized belonged to Regan.

Suddenly Esther awoke in a odd place with a extremely bright light however could  not move very much because she was held restrained by very tight straps but she did hear a voice in the distance that she recognized and now for sure she knew it had to be Regan with a side of pure betrayal. Her thoughts were finally confirmed when Regan came face to face with Esther and everything finally came into place. “Why are you doing this Regan, I thought we were friends?” asking Esther. “Well first off friends don’t matter sweetie, science and my future does and nothing will get in the way of my career, not even some stupid girl.” stating Regan convincing herself. Esther thought to herself how thankful she was for her friends Max and Elisabeth who stuck to her side all the time and would never do such a thing to her. Suddenly she saw many people come inside and take the hazardous people out one by one and come to Esther’s rescue, hopefully.

Again she awoke but this time she woke up in a familiar place, Elisabeth’s house and immediately felt safe. But Esther found herself questioning if she was really safe or not?


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