The Myth of Calibre, by Antoine Ortega

Antoine Ortega

Mrs. Harrison

World Literature

6 November 2015

The Myth of Calibre

It was a cold winter night, and everyone was out celebrating Christmas. However, at a little town called Calibre, a bank was being robbed. There were two suspects, and they were Andy and Jacob. Andy was the gunman, and Jacob was the person who took the money. Andy, he is a very strong man, and his strength is not human like, and Jacob has intelligence like no other. As they finished stealing the money, the police arrived.” The Cops are here!” yelled Jacob. The police then charge into the door, and point their weapons at the two criminals. They unmask Jacob and Andy, but then, the police revel to Andy that Jacob is part of the FBI. At the sound of this news, Andy becomes livid, and he tries to attack Jacob , but there are too many guns pointed at him. Jacob yells to Andy,” I’ll get my revenge on you!”, and the car drives away.

Five years later, Jacob is at home, celebrating his son, Nathan’s, birthday. On September 29, 2033’ it was Nathan’s fifth birthday, and Jacob threw a big party for his son. You could smell the food that was brought, like pizza and lasagna. You could hear everyone laughing and making jokes. Jacob’s friends and family came, and Nathan’s friends came also. Everyone was happy, and they all had a great time. However at the end of the party, there was a loud noise and a very large rumble. Everyone left the house to see what had happened. As they ran outside, they were very surprised to see what happened. The loud noise was an explosion, and the rumbling was the shocks of the explosion. There was a bomb set off in the Calibre Prison. There was a lot of smoke in the sky, and a fire was already raging in the prison. As Jacob saw this, he yelled and fell to his knees. His wife, Marisa, was in the prison, because she works there as a guard.  Jacob then realized she might still be alive. At the thought of this, he gets off of his feet, and runs to the prison. He looks around for his wife, and eventually he finds her. She is is still alive, but in bad condition. She was about 20 yards away when the bomb went off. She did not get hurt from the bomb, but a piece of shrapnel flew and hit her in the stomach. Marisa was taken ton the hospital where they immediately took her into surgery. Hours later, the doctors came out of the room to report to Jacob.

They had taken out the shrapnel, but she was going to take a while to recover. Jacob then went to the prison to find Andy, because Jacob knew that it was Andy that did it. Jacob went to the prison, and he found a clue that Andy left in his prison cell. The first clue was ‘Go to the place were you first saw her face.’ Jacob had a feeling he was talking about where he met Marisa, which was Calibre High. Jacob went to Calibre High, and he went into room 127 where he found the second clue. It said, ‘Do you remember where it began and ended?’ Jacob thought for a while, but he could not figure it out. Then all of a sudden, Jacob remembered. Jacob then went to the bank that they were going to rob five years ago. At the bank, Jacob found a third clue on one of the banker’s booths. This one said ‘There is a truth to be told, and it is at a place of old.’ The oldest place in Calibre is the library, and the only true books are the nonfiction books. Jacob goes to the nonfiction section and there on a table he finds the fourth and final clue. It says, ‘You want to kill me, this much I know. If you want to find me, go to where it snows.’ Jacob knows that Andy means the Braks mountains because that is the only place that snows near Calibre. Jacob gets in a car and drives over there. About thirty minutes later, Jacob arrives at the Braks Mountains. Jacob then treks up the mountains, and he decides to go to Lake Chinampa. When Jacob arrives, he sees Andy. There, they have their final showdown. Andy and Jacob run towards each other, and when they are about ten yards apart, Andy pulls out a pistol. He fires at Jacob, but he misses every shot. Andy runs out of ammunition, so he throws the gun and charges at Jacob with a long stiletto knife. Jacob also pulls out a knife, but his is a military combat knife. They slash, and hack, and cut at each other, but they either block the hit with their knives, or they miss completely. Jacob is the first one to make a successful hit. Jacob inflicts a deep gash on Andy’s arm. Jacob knows that he won’t win by brute force, so he decides to use strategy to win. Jacob decides to start running around so he can get Andy tired. Jacob runs around and Andy chases him. “Stop running like a coward, and fight like a man,” yelled Andy. After a while, Andy gets exhausted, and Jacob takes this as his opportunity. He strikes and slashes furiously with his knife, and Andy can do nothing but try to fight back. Finally, Andy is to damaged to even fight. Andy knows that this is the end for him, so he uses his last resort. He pulls out a defamatory from his pocket, and he then activates the explosives that he set before the fight. All of a sudden, the rocks start to roll down the mountain. Huge boulders going at rapid speeds are crashing down around them. Jacob grabs Andy and he starts to run down the mountain. As Jacob is making his way down, he trips, and this causes Jacob and Andy to start tumbling down the mountain. As they reach the bottom, Jacob breaks his left arm. Jacob then starts to yell “ANDY!” He gets no response, and so he starts to search for him. Eventually he finds Andy in a patch of tall grass. Jacob checks his pulse, and when he feels nothing, he grape him and carries him to his car. He drives back to Calibre, and when he arrives, he receives a hero’s welcome. Jacob takes Andy’s corpse to the mortuary so that he can have a decent funeral. Jacob is then taken to the hospital so that he can have surgery on his broken arm. After his is released from the hospital, he goes to see his wife Marisa. They talk and cry and laugh together, and then, they get ready because they are going to Andy’s funereal to pay their respect. Jacob then gives a speech at the funeral.”Hello, my name is Jacob. I was one of Andy’s best friends. We were inseparable until about the senior year. We got in a big argument, and after that we didn’t talk for about five years. I joined the FBI around the time that we became friends again which was about a six years ago. One day, he asked me to rob a bank. I told my superiors about this, and they said that they would be ready for it. The day we went to the bank, he was arrested about five minutes after we entered the bank. Andy found out what I was, and he got revenge just recently. I had a showdown with him, and I brought him to justice. That is all I have to say.” Jacob then leaves and goes home with his family. They then celebrate Nathan’s birthday after the last party was interrupted last time. They had a party again, and all was well that joyful night.


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