Vocabulary Reminder

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you that back in week 1, I told you to start writing your vocabulary words in a sentence, and that this would be due week 4. Well, this is week 4. I am so sorry that I forgot to remind you at the beginning of the week. You can either email me your sentences Thursday night or you can hand them in Friday in class.

Example: One time I had a demoniac running in circles around my car in the Harkins parking lot, growling at me; it was scary.

September Vocabulary Words

Also, you may or may not have a test on these words this Friday. 

*I already created the test, the only way you may not have it is if and EMP goes off and I am unable to print it out for you. So study your words. 

My computer is broken right now. Please bear with me!  Also, I have been so sidetracked with all the very serious concerns with my best friend. If any of you are reading this today, please pray for her. Her last round of chemo didn’t work nearly as much as they hoped and they have to transfer her to City of Hope today. Instead of being in temporary remission and getting to go home shortly and wait for the next step, she is going to have to move to Duarte, and go through another round of heavier chemo. Please pray that the Lord strengthens and heals her. Thank you guys!!!!


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