Week Zero–Assignments DUE The First Friday of Friday School :D

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

is (1)

Welcome to the beginning of our new journey together. I am so excited. The stuff that we are going to be reading and studying this year gives me goosebumps! I haven’t taught this stuff for 10 years.

But before we get into all of it I want to try to share with you something that can make it all personal.

I want it to MATTER to YOU.

That is what you are going to do this week.

It is an small little fun assignment.

It will be totally enjoyable.

Although you may cry.


So, this year we are going to read a lot about courage and tenacity — like Odysseus, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Hamlet, and Holocaust survivors. These people came from all different backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Some of their stories are true, some are myth. But all have one thing in common—the strength of the human spirit.

Now of course, when you couple the strength of your human spirit, with the power and provision of the Holy Spirit you are even stronger and more inspiring. But not all of these heroes were sold out Christians like we are.

But you still have much in common with them.

You have fears.

You have goals.

You have dreams.

You have talents.

You have drive.

Hopefully, you have tenacity

If you don’t know what tenacity is, click on the link and check it out. You will need to know that vocabulary word to finish your assignment.

You are going to learn about a modern day hero, in modern day circumstances, that faced modern day giants.

You are going to learn about a TEENAGER named Jay Moriarity who hit the cover of Surfing Magazine, at age 15 for big wave monster surfing.


1.) Watch Chasing Mavericks (PG) $2.99 SD $3.99 HD rental on Amazon.com  You cannot find this movie free online (Discovering Mavericks is free online, and that is NOT what I am asking you to watch).

2.) Read the newspaper article from the San Francisco Gate about his death, “Surfers mourning Moriarity’s death / 22-year-old rode Maverick’s big waves” 

3.) Answer the following questions:

  1. What does tenacity mean?

    This is the famous cover, where you see young Jay Moriarity hanging in the air, right before his deadly wipe-out.
  2. How did Jay Moriarity demonstrate tenacity?
  3. What steps did Jay have to take to accomplish his goal?
  4. How did his success affect his personality?
  5. How did he handle bullies?
  6. How did he handle negative influences in his peer group?
  7. How did he treat women?
  8. How does the movie deal with spiritual issues? You may want to mention some of Frosty’s comments, as well as the narration at the beginning and ending segments.
  9. How does Frosty become a hero to Jay?
  10. How does Jay become a hero to Frosty?
  11. How did Jay become a hero to his community?
  12. What does courage mean?
  13. Why did Frosty ask Jay to “go deeper” in his essay about fear?
  14. What do you fear?
  15. How do you plan to confront your fears?
  16. What is standing in the way of you and your dreams?
  17. Write down Deuteronomy 31:6.
  18. Write down 1 Timothy 1:7.


8 thoughts on “Week Zero–Assignments DUE The First Friday of Friday School :D

  1. homework already? We haven’t even started school, infact, I haven’t even thought of school….I haven’t even seen the beach. Don’t I have a few weeks left to live??? Please tell me Friday school is not starting this month?
    -confused, crazy, sleep deprived, summer lovin’ 909 mom

    1. Hahahaha!!!! See the homework will be good then, it is a surfing movie!!! You can set up a beach chair in your living room! I saw this comment and it made me so happy! I was HOPING that Nait and Christahn would be in my class again this year. YAY!!!

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