Real Heroes

The video above shows us the characteristics of a hero in literature. Please pick a character from any book you have ever read that you think fits this mold (Do not use Harry Potter or The Hunger Games). Share your hero in the comments section below and explain how he or she fits into this cycle.

Larger Than Life Heroes

In art, literature, film we have been exposed to larger than life heroes. We have epic heroes. War heroes. We have legendary heroes. In the ancient times heroes were said to be half human half god. Today in our popular movies we have cyborg heroes, and genetically engineered human heroes, mutant heroes, spider heroes, and we still have heroes that are half human half god. They are huge, buff, strong, wealthy, sometimes arrogant, and entertaining. Some of them are moral individuals. Some are totally immoral.

If these are true heroes, what hope does the average person have of ever becoming a hero to others?

Well, the actual definition of a hero is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”

I am not even going to complain that they used the word “man” instead of “person” (women are heroes too). Anyways . . .


The point is, while none of you are going to be able to put on a spandex or metal superhero outfit and actually save the universe, you do have the chance to become a hero.

We all do.

Walter Mitty wanted to be a hero. He looked up to men of distinguished skill and bravery. He wanted to be admired for brave deeds and noble qualities.

Maybe he just wanted to compensate for feeling weak, or mild.

Maybe he wanted to help others and gain respect.

He wanted to do more.

He wanted to be special.

We all do.

But sometimes our desire is worldly.

Like Tony Stark, we want the fame, money, and attractive love interests. LOL

That is so ungodly–and disappointing (as Tony Stark finds out).

Do we want to make a difference for others, or just for ourselves?

Because the Lord can use every one of us to make an amazing impact on the world around us.

This week I want to focus on some REAL heroes.

People who are brave.

People who save others.

Let’s begin with Nick Vujicic.

Next, let’s look at Victor Marx.

He is one of my heroes. It isn’t because he is an amazing martial artist, marine, or manly man. No. It is because he reaches out with the love of Christ to the incarcerated and abused kids that are hard to help. He LOVES. He CARES. He is a HERO. One day we took him into the women’s prison for an outreach and he spoke, shared his story–he shared stuff he never shares at churches–and we saw women respond to the love of Jesus like never before. It was amazing. He was just at our church yesterday sharing about how he went to Iraq, not to do battle with Isis and save the world–but to minister love to the women and children that were hurt by Isis.

*This movie below may trigger you if you have gone through any abuse, use discretion and I will understand if you just can’t watch it  

Questions (Due Friday):

1.) According to Nick, what power do you have to save a persons life?

2.) What does Proverbs 18:21 say?

3.) What choices does Nick say that you have in life?

4.) What does God say in Jeremiah 31:3?

5.) How is fixing a shattered life, living like a hero?

6.) How does Victor Marx compare fake people to a fake sword?

7.) What process does a piece of metal go through to be a razer sharp sword?

8.) Did you know that my signature weapon is a samurai sword? I am cool.

9.) Why did Victor like martial arts?

10.) What kind of Christian does the Lord want?

11.) How did God start using Victor with the things he knew about?

12.) What do you know about? How can you use if to share the hope of Christ?

13.) How does Victor Marx relate Romans 8:28 to his life story?*

14.) Victor Marx’s story involves severe trauma. How does trauma affect people? *

15.) What is a lie based in reality?*

16.) What is PTSD? How does it affect victims of child abuse?*

17.) How can someone who has been a target of abuse- be the very one to help others who don’t know how to deal with abuse? *

18.) Who found the picture of Victor Marx and his siblings, and prayed for them?*

19.) What does Victor Marx’s biological dad say about being proud of him. Please quote that amazing sentence.

20.) What is the difference between righteous anger and bitterness?

21.) What is forgiveness? Did you know it doesn’t mean “to say, ‘it is okay'”–It can mean to let go, to bid go away, to leave, to let go of a debt, to cry, to lay aside, to release. What connotation do those words have–positive or negative?

22.) Who is forgiveness for? Why?

23.) Does forgiveness mean that God wants you to be best friends with evil people and let them keep hurting you?

24.) Name five famous missionaries who are heroes (name at least one female)?

25.) How can YOU be a hero today?  Who has God put in your life to build up and impact?

26.) I want you to think about all the ways that the Lord Jesus Christ is YOUR hero. Write a paragraph describing why He is amazing and why you owe him all your love and adoration.

*These questions are from The Victor Marx Story, which you may or may not have been able to watch because of the intense subject matter. 


17 thoughts on “Real Heroes

  1. Karate Kid. I think everybody has seen that movie, and this movie’s main character also fits the description for “hero”. He goes through the same cycle like every other hero.

  2. I was gonna say Goku from DBZ (considering how much he died), but I guess Hiro from Big Hero 6 fits in the cycle as well.

  3. I haven’t read very many books, and when I do, they are usually very mellow and I can’t remember them. My favorite hero is Simba, from the Lion King. He receives a calling to adventure when his father dies and he flees from his normal home. After staying awhile with Timon and Pumba, Simba must face Scar and the hyenas and defeat Scar. Later, there is new life when the pride land is restored.\
    My favorite real-life hero is Jesus. He is called out of His normal home (Heaven) and to earth. He faces trials and persecution, and He dies upon the cross for our sins. He is brought back to life and ascends to Heaven. Every story of a hero takes after the story of Jesus, my real hero.

  4. I would say Despereaux Tilling (the mouse) fits the hero mold. I’m going to watch the movie to remember it all but he is DEFINITELY a hero. (Hes from the movie The Tale of Despereaux)

  5. watched The Tale of Despereaux…YES HE IS A HERO (and I’m not just saying it cause hes adorable)!

    Call to adventure-His call to adventure is through a book he reads. It contains stories about a princess whose a prisoner, longing to be able to see the world for herself. The book speaks to him and he calls himself a ‘knight.’

    Assistance-The princess helps him in his quest to bring back soup and the rain (its a funny story 🙂 )

    Departure-He goes into ‘Rat World’ which is the dark place underground where the rats live. Here his courage is tested.

    Trials-He gets attacked by a cat in the ring (kind of like a fight), he goes through a line of mouse traps, and gets attacked by rats trying to stop him from saving the princess (who becomes a prisoner to the rats).

    Approach-Despereaux is in the ring again fighting against the cat and later the rat in charge of all the rats there (kind of like a king).

    Crisis-When the ‘king rat’ grabs Despereaux and lets him dangle above the cat and drops him, but when the light starts to pour through the walls, it hits the rats eyes and he falls into the ring with the cat as well, distracting the cat and getting it away from Despereaux.

    Treasure- The kingdom legalizes soup and rats again, and the princess is freed. The king also stops grieving over his wife (who dies in the beginning) and enjoys his time with his daughter.

    Result-They all live happily ever after (if that counts as a result).

    Return- He returns to his mouse world.

    New Life-Despereaux teaches others to be brave and goes on other adventures.


    I know you said it had to be from a book, but I couldn’t think of one, sorry :/ I hope this works to (wow this is the longest comment I’ve ever left here).

  6. I couldn’t think of one but then I thought of one of my favorite childhood movies! Shark Boy and Lava Girl! They both can be considered heroes that go through the cycle.

      1. Technically… I’m not a child (a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.).. I’m a adolescent. (a young person in the process of developing from a child into an adult.) LOL

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