Week 28–Reminders and Grade

🙂 Good morning kiddos 🙂

New Journal:

35. At the beginning of the book we see that Jem is embarrassed by Atticus. He is not like the other dads. He seems wimpy and old. But soon that perception begins to change, as he watches Atticus live with quiet courage. Jem begins to model his own actions after his dad. I think we all go through times when we get embarrassed by our parents. My parents used to be silly in public just to laugh at my red cheeks!!! LOL. Now I do that to Emma. But the journal question is for you to write about the qualities that your parents have that you want to begin to model in your own life. Not just the things they say, but the choices and actions that quietly govern their lives. What do you respect about your mom and dad.

Assignments due April 10:


I will be handing out grade reports for this quarter this Friday. Here is the deal, if you are missing assignments try to turn them in by Friday. Here is a list of assignments that will affect your grade. 

  • In His Steps Notes 10 pts.
  • Short Story 100 pts.
  • Quote Yourself Project 50 pts.
  • In His Steps Comments 20 pts.
  • Gertrude Stein Comments (online) 20 pts.
  • Eliot, Frost, Sandburg Comments (online) 20 pts.
  • Langston Hughes Questions 30 pts.
  • Hemingway Questions 30 pts.
  • Hemingway’s Values Comments 5 pts. (half of you are missing this)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes 10 pts.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis 40 pts.
  • Verses About Justice 20 pts. (online)

If you think you are missing one of these assignments, just scroll back through the past blog posts and find out. Everything is posted.

I just don’t want to see you getting a C or worse because you are not making comments on the poetry, which is so easy. That would be shameful. A disgrace to your family. LOL. Just Kidding. 🙂 Late credit is better than no credit.

I can’t wait to see your presentations this week on the social issues, and see what you did with The Old Man and the Sea maps.

Preview of Coming Attractions:

1.) You need to be thinking of what book, poem, quote, author made the biggest impact in your life this year and why. I want to get a little video clip of you guys sharing what stuck out to you. It doesn’t have to be super deep or heavy, but it can be. I just want to know what you liked learning about and why. It could be a quote from an author, a part of a book, or a poem. What do you want to carry with you to influence and shape the person you want to be in life.

2.) We are going to finish the year with a persuasive research paper. I am going to assign it this Friday, and give you all the details and requirements. I don’t want you to start it this week, because I need you to work on the stuff that is due this Friday. But I would like to give you the opportunity to think about what topic you might like. It has to be formal, and it has to be about a serious cultural issue. The project will also include a letter written to a person in authority to persuade them to consider your cause. I am going to throw out some possible topics, but I just want you to think about this ONLY when you are shampooing your hair or brushing your teeth this week. Every other moment needs to be devoted to your current assignments.

Possible topics: 

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Prayer In School
  • Homeschooling Rights and Responsibilities
  • Female Body Image and the Influence of the Media
  • Should Planned Parenthood Give Medical Care to Minors Without Parental Permission?
  • Teens and Online Safety (Internet Predators)
  • Should the Government Mandate Psychological Evaluations of All Teens?
  • Gang Violence
  • The Possible Dangers of Social Media, To Teens
  • Immigration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Doctor Assisted Suicide
  • Gun Control and School Violence
  • Teen Homelessness
  • How Music Affects Teen Promiscuity
  • How Music and Media Dishonor Women
  • How Music Affects Teen Crime
  • Racial Profiling in Airports (TSA Screening)
  • Racial Profiling and the Police
  • Free Saeed
  • Christian Persecution in Other Countries
  • Christian Freedoms in the United States
  • Should Minimum Wage be Raised or Lowered
  • Benghazi (if anyone is up on that madness)
  • Protecting the Environment
  • GMO and Health
  • Should Iran Develop Nuclear Capabilities
  • Should the U.S. Support Israel
  • One of your ideas, but ask me first. Some topics may not be “big” enough for a 5-6 page essay.

3.) We are going to finish the year with some insanely wonderful short stories, a movie night, some feminist poetry, and some Chicano literature. I am so excited!!!


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