Week 24–Ernest Hemingway and The Old Man and the Sea

The Man, Ernest Hemingway

I introduced Hemingway in class today. I called him my pretend grandpa. Obviously, I totally admire him as a writer. I want you to begin by watching these short videos that will help you understand who he is:

Ernest Hemingway Mini Biography

Ernest Hemingway Macho Man

Ernest Hemingway and the Nobel Prize

Here is his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech:

Here is a video where he is talking about the Cuban influence that we see in his book The Old Man and the Sea. It is so neat, because you actually get to hear his voice and he is speaking Spanish. Pretty cool.

The Old Man and the Sea

This week you get to read The Old Man and the Sea. Like I said in class, I want you to try to read it in as close to one sitting as possible. If you can take a whole day to read it, that is wonderful. Santiago is out at sea for a long time; this story is about his unending ordeal. I want you to feel part of it. I want you to feel like you are with him, out at sea, and you are not done until he is. See if possibly you can double up on your other work on another day and try to get through this book in one marathon reading session. It is not that long.

As you read the book I want you take “Brandi Notes” and in the back write down the words honor, perseverance, and respect. Each time you read something that has to do with any of those three words please write the page number under it in the back (just like with Uncle Tom’s Cabin). Also, we talked in class how Biblically speaking, Hemingway was immoral–but that he did have values.

Please discuss his values in the comment section below.

Please do not give any spoilers though.

I don’t want people who haven’t finished it yet to know how it ends. 

Questions for the Reading (due Friday)

1. What are Santiago’s flaws and weaknesses?

2. What role does luck play in the book?

3. Describe the relationship between Santiago and Manolin.

4. How is Santiago proud and humble at the same time?

5. Who laughs at him? Who respects him?

6. What in Santiago’s character makes him a hero?

7. Why does Santiago call the sea “la mar?”

8. Describe ways in which Santiago demonstrates his fishing skill and explain why this is important to a Hemingway hero?

9. How does Santiago feel about the marlin?

10. Why does he say the marlin is more noble than he is?

11. How does Hemingway stress the endurance of Santiago?

12. What honorable traits does Santiago have, that Hemingway values in a man?

 I put some fun and interesting pictures and quotes below for you to look at. 

Here is a picture of Ernest Hemingway with F. Scott Fitzgerald (who wrote The Great Gatsby)
funny joke 🙂

Here is Hemingway with a marlin.

Hemingway talking to the matador Ordonez, at the bullfights in Pamplona Spain. This is the inspiration of his book The Sun Also Rises.

I know this has a mild cuss word, but there are a couple in the book too, so I just went ahead and put it anyways. As Dustin would say, “just for the halibut.”


19 thoughts on “Week 24–Ernest Hemingway and The Old Man and the Sea

      1. He most certainly did drink. However, he did all of his writing sober. He also did commit suicide. I forgot you weren’t there on Friday. I talked about it in class. 😦 sorry sweetie.

  1. “But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated” (Hemingway 48) would this count as a value?

    Also, I just noticed that I wrote Hemingway with two M’s in my question papers. Sorry about that.

  2. Day 1 of Voyage- I am lost at sea with Santiago… he’s got a strong grip on the fish. He’s reeled it in and it floundered around for a bit, then it died… Debating to send SOS soon…

    Your friend,
    Hope the Owl

    1. Day 2 of Voyage- Bored, hungry, tired… been sitting in the boat with the old man for quite a while… starting to feel sea sick… I’m not a fan of raw fish… SOS sent… plane flew over and passed us… I have a feeling I’m going to die….

        1. Day 4 of Voyage- Final day, I believe… old man looks like he’s going to die… he caught the fish and strapped it to the boat… boat tilting to one side… sharks took most of the fish….

  3. Just like Tristan said, he values Perseverance incredibly. You can tell because he wrote a entire book surrounding that value!

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