The Quote Yourself Project

As you have noticed, I like to highlight significant quotations in class.. For this project I want you to ask your family and friends to help you come up with a list of funny, or inspirational things you have said. If you haven’t said anything funny or inspirational yet, now is your chance. Watch. I am going to make up something right now, and quote myself.

“A foolish person lives like someone who puts lotion on their hands before they try to open a door.” –Brandi Harrison

See, not hard.

I just came up with that one.

What you will do is compile a list of 10 things that you want to be known in the class for saying. Type them out, in italics and quotation marks with a dash and your name (just like I did above). You can also put your list on your blog, but I need you to turn in a paper copy for me to read in class.

If you want, you can share suggestions for each other in the comments below. Feel free to also post some of the ridiculous things I have said in class below too. I need a good laugh. Remember last year, when I was teaching about using sensory details in your writing? I think I said something ridiculous like, “Think about how you would explain it to a blind and deaf person.” And then I realized that it would be impossible. hahahaaa!!!

Anyways, you can include some funny quotes, but make sure you also include a few serious ones as well.

Have fun.

What you can also do is make one of those quote pictures, where you combine a black and white picture of yourself with your quote. They look RAD, especially if you are not smiling.


I couldn’t find any picture where I wasn’t smiling and I looked all dignified and insightful. 

Anyways,if you have any questions let me know.

This project is due Friday February 27


One thought on “The Quote Yourself Project

  1. OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I especially like your picture on the last one 😀 I’m going to try and remember some funny things you’ve said.

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