Short Story Project

I want you to write a short story that Mark Twain would not disapprove of. Even though this is a creative writing project it will count as much as a formal essay. Please take it very seriously; it will have a huge impact on your grade.

Please watch this short 3 minute video– “How To Write a Short Story”

Then watch this video:

Don’t check out his other videos or other work, because I don’t know who that guy is.

After you have watched the videos above, begin to take notes on the following things:

  • Who is the main character?
  • What is the problem/conflict?
  • What is the motivation?
  • What is the action?
  • What are the results?
  • How does it end?

Taking notes on these things before hand actually helps you not have to write so much. If you know where your story is going, it won’t drag on so long.

Be creative. Have fun.

Here is your Due Date Schedule:

  • Notes or outline due Friday February 13
  • Rough Draft Due Friday February 20 (there will be no School so you can email it to me)
  • Final Draft Friday February 27


  • MLA Format
  • Jr. High (2-3 pages double spaced). High School (3-4 pages double spaced).
  • It must have sensory details.
  • I must like it.

2 thoughts on “Short Story Project

  1. I already knew what I was gonna write about before I watched the videos and everything.

    But, could I do the main character in my perspective point of view? Like, instead of “he was walking back and fourth” I could put “I was walking back and fourth”, kinda like a diary? I’m considering on doing this, but maybe not.

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