Week 18–End of Semester In-Class Activity/Oral Presentations

I am going to give you this handout tomorrow in class. I am just posting it tonight to get ahead. It will turn into a class recap tomorrow afternoon. I also figured it may give some of you a head start on gathering information. Make sure you bring all your notes to class tomorrow, and you may want to bring some of the literature we have handed out. A smart phone or internet device may come in handy in class tomorrow as well. 

🙂 –Brandi

Group Presentations

Today in class we are going to break up into groups. During the first half of class, you will work in a group to prepare an oral presentation. You will need to speak for 5 minutes, as well as use a visual aid. Your group can pick the topic. But before you look at the topics, please review the requirements. Select the topic that you feel confident that you can fulfill all the requirements of.

  1. Everyone has to speak and say something. You may divide your presentation up in parts, where each person is responsible for a different topic.
  2. You must use your visual aid to represent each aspect of your presentation. You can use it as a bullet point outline, you can use it as a cluster diagram, or you can make a chart of some sort. Feel free to use pictures or important quotations from our studies or from the website J
  3. You must fully answer the topic question.
  4. You must talk for at least 5 minutes. Feel free to use some note cards to remind you of some of your important points.
  5. You must work together as a team, and encourage and help each other. If you are bossy, please allow others to give input and make decisions. If you are shy, you must get over that and contribute; don’t sit back and let others take the lead. I am grading your group effort along with the quality of the presentation.


Topics (pick one):

  • The Role of Women in American Literature—How have we seen women affect and influence American Literature? Give examples of important female accomplishments. Also, you may want to discuss the role of the female literary character. What strong women have we seen in poetry, autobiographical narrative and more than one novel from the beginning of class until now?
  • The Role of African Americans in American Literature—Please trace the impact of African Americans on American literature. You will need to discuss the impact of the autobiographical narrative, as well as poetry. You may want to browse the website (on your phone) to remember the important poets, writers, and folktales that we studied this semester.
  • The Role of Christianity in American Literature—Please show the evolution of faith in the literature of our American history, as well as how we have seen that influence lessen over time. Please give examples of important Christian works, Christian characters, and Christian themes in poetry and in more than one novel. Please also give examples of writers who represent the transformation away from Christianity. You may want to discuss the influence of realism, naturalism, transcendentalism, etc.

I actually prefer the top two, since we have already talked at length about the role of Christianity. Only choose that one as a last resort; I really prefer to hear if you have anything to say about the first two.

50 points


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