Uncle Tom’s Cabin Essay

I literally googled “excited to write an essay” to get a picture. I was hoping to get someone at a computer smiling like crazy. There wasn’t one picture like that!!! Why?!?!

Essay Prompt: Consider if Tom or Eva in Uncle Tom’s Cabin display any Christ-like qualities. What are they? And why do you suppose that was done?

So obviously, what I am going to have you do for your last essay of the semester is finish what you started on your last test. You already have two paragraphs of your essay done! All you need to do is the same thing you already did twice. Find another quote that shows your character exhibiting Christ-like character. Transform these notes into 3 nice body paragraphs, with a nice topic sentence.

Then just add an introductory and concluding paragraph–BAM. Done.

Your test was teaching you to find quotes in the book that support the thesis that Tom and Eva had Christ-like qualities. I would suggest you might want to pick one about Tom’s death scene (since it would be perfect). You can actually write one or two more body paragraphs. You are welcome to discuss both Tom and Eva, or you can choose to focus on just one of them.

What I am going to grade on:

  • Good Introduction—Attention grabber in the first sentence, description of the characters, and clear thesis statement as the LAST sentence of introduction (which answers the question–“Do Tom and Eva have Christ-like qualities?”)
  • Good Body Paragraphs--Each body sentence should begin with a topic sentence that transitions smoothly from the last paragraph. You must quote the book with parenthetical citation, then elaborate on the quote. Give at least 2-3 sentences discussing how your quote shows Christlike Character (even allude to the Bible or specific attributes of Christ).
  • Conclusion–Your conclusion should begin by restating the thesis, and then explaining why this matters. Why did Stowe choose to portray her characters like Jesus? What effect does it have on her early readers? Why does it matter to us today? etc. and on and on . . .
  • Format–The essay must be typed, double spaced, MLA format. It must be perfect. Please refer back to the instructions on how to format your essay.
  • Content–I will grade you on what you say, your ideas, that you are not just blabbering on and pretending to care just to take up space.

Your essay must be at least 2-3 pages (3-4 pages if you are 10th grade or above)

This assignment is worth 100 pts.

I will not collect a rough draft, but I suggest you write one, let your parents read it,

and fix it A LOT before turning it in. 


Okay, so Nate asked a great question about how to quote longer sections of the text. So you can read our comments below in the comment section. And I wanted to give you some information here on how to format LONG quotes (longer than 4 lines in your paper). This is from the OWL–Purdue Online Writing Lab:



24 thoughts on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin Essay

        1. Yeah, you need to do at least 3 body paragraphs, as well as an introduction and conclusion (so that is at least 5 paragraphs). But you can have more than 3 body paragraphs.

  1. Oh, phew. I was gonna say “Only three paragraphs and it has to take up 2-3 pages? I guess I have to make huuugggggeeee paragraphs”.

  2. I have another question that the MLA format video didn’t explain.

    Say if I had four or more lines, and it gone something like this:
    “Blah blah blah,” said blah “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah” (you get the point, up to four or more lines), but the video says not to use quotations in four or more lines, but I have the “said Blah” in there. Do I still not use quotations?

    1. If your quote is longer than 4 lines you need to use block quotations, where you would start the quotation on the next line, and indent the entire quotation 5 spaces from the left side. It would look like this:

      Let me know if that makes sense.

      1. So, when it says “I want to tell you something,” said Eva “blah blah… *continues for more than four lines”, I just drop the “said Eva”?

        1. What you would do is start the block quote from the very first part of the portion of the text you are quoting. So “I want to tell you something,” said Eva, “blah blah . . ” Would be part of the block quote.

          Just introduce the quote in your paragraph, and then block quote it (but I would suggest not to go longer than 8 lines. And then after the quote, you continue your paragraph from the left margin, and explain the significance to the points you are making. You also still do the same parenthetical citation You do NOT put quotation marks around the block quote.

          Here is some more info from the OWL–https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/03/

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  3. So it goes like this (reply button broke);

    *insert paragraph here* please read the following what Mr. Oka exclaimed:
    *indent*”What did you say?” said Mr Oka “He, that guy over there, is more handsome than me? Well wa! *indent*you just told a very white lie. You see, I look in the mirror everyday, and you know what the mirror *indent*does? It breaks because of my handsome face. How does the mirrors react to that guy over there’s *indent*face? Does it break? If so, it’s probably because of his hideous face. Ar! I wish you wouldn’t lie to be *indent*like that. I’m obviously much more handsome than him. It doesn’t take two monkey brains to figure *indent*that out!”
    *continues paragraph indicating his whatever I’m trying to prove.*

    That’s an example btw, if you didn’t notice.

    1. That was altogether wonderful! And I think you have the idea. If you would like you could email me a pdf of your rough draft, when you get that far and I can check it for perfection then.

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