Week 12–Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Spirituals

Hopefully you had a nice week off, and you are all caught up in the book. This week we are going to resume with Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is going to get REALLY REALLY Good!!!! 🙂 I am so excited!!! Yay!!!

We have more chapters than usual, but the pages will still be about the same. If you are taking more than an hour to read 25 pages or your mind is wandering as you read, I would suggest that you follow along with the audiobook.

Reading–Chapters 20-33 (page 202-302) The reading this week will take at least 4 and 1/2 hours. So plan ahead and try to get more than 25 pages read each day.


Chapter 19-23 (skip about 49 minutes into this if you have already read chapter 19–that is about 1 hour, 15 minutes)

Chapters 24-29 (2 hours, 8 minutes)

Chapters 30-37 (you only need to go through chapter 33, so that is about 1 hour and 15 minutes)


Watch these videos

Continue to underline and take notes in your books.

Pay special attention to Eva and Tom this week. You will have an open book test on Friday, and the better you underline and take notes in your book, the easier the test will be.



Only two this week


10 thoughts on “Week 12–Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Spirituals

  1. I like the video from 12 yaers a slave the best, i just think it really shows how these songs weren’t just little tunes you would hum, like how it says in the book they sing because they’re sad and you can really see that in that video.

  2. I loved the last song. It characterizes the scenarios that slaves were in when working in cotton fields and such. It’s not like they all joined around a campfire and merrily sung. They all sang and chimed in across entire fields! They didn’t abandon their faith either. The song really made me think when they’d said “see those children; their headed down the Jordan River; God’s gonna trouble the water”. Plus, I loved the harmonizing and rounds each person took.

  3. Hi guys, I don’t know if any of you will see this. But the test is going to take brains tomorrow. Make sure you are able to discuss important lines in the book. Please make sure you have your notes taken. And go back through your class notes. Because you will need to use what you learned in class, and what we have done in our activities on the test. There will also be an extra credit question worth 10 points that is based on something you will see in your notes on characterization.

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