Week 11

Thanksgiving Week

Next week you will have new assignments, so be sure to check back on Monday December 1. But this week I am not assigning anything new.

However, if you are behind in your reading please take this week to catch up! Because next week will be another heavy week of reading (Another 100 pages) and if you are not caught up, you will be overwhelmed.

If you are caught up, then you are welcome to read ahead if you like. But I am not going to assign that reading until next week.

This book is so good. Don’t rob yourself by getting behind and not catching up. You will remember it for the rest of your life.


8 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. Oh goodness! Mrs Brandi, Im ready to hug you forever XD Thanks for letting us have a SUPER light load of work this week! ❤ Im already giving thanks haha! I really like that banner too. Im planning on making one for my family! Did you make it? 😮 🙂

  2. Well, it’s both a good and a bad thing I got this week off. The good thing, I’m sick. The bad thing, I’m sick.

    I’m feeling a lot better though. Tomorrow, for sure, I’ll be fine. Heh. You know what else? I got sick the day after Friday school (Saturday). At least I didn’t get sick on Friday, otherwise, I’d miss class.

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