Week 9–Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Raising Awareness Today

Reading Assignments: 

Uncle Tom’s Cabin–Chapter 1- Chapter 11 (that means read chapter 11). This will be 98 pages.

  • What I need you to do is UNDERLINE important details in and sentences in the book. Please underline at least 11 sentences (one for each chapter). They should be sentences that are either significant to the story, beautifully written, emotionally stirring, or relating to the themes of slavery, freedom, and Christianity. You can use a highlighter instead if you like, but sometimes the ink bleeds onto the page behind it, so my favorite tool for highlighting is a colored pencil or crayon.
  • If your mind wanders and you would like to read along with the Audiobook, here are links to Chapters 1-7 (2 hours) and Chapters 8-11 (2 hours, 11 minutes).
  • Read about 25 pages a day.

I also want you to read the “Slavery, the Bible, and Our Need for Humility.” I want you to consider this information, because we are going to explore this topic more in the coming weeks.

Writing Assignments:

Blog Assignment #2

So you have created your blog. You have picked out a template, a name for it, and made your first post! Good job. You learned some valuable web-design skills. You also learned that you are writing for a bigger audience now than just your teacher; your peers are reading your blog as well.

1. The “Follow” Option–The first thing I want you to do is to visit the blogs of every other student in the class and at the top of the page click on the “follow” option. Now, everything they write will appear in your reader. You are welcome to make comments and offer encouragement, but you are required by me to be respectful. No teasing or being rude.

  • It is intimidating to write for people, all the sudden you are open to scrutiny. You want to be heard, but you don’t want to be dissected. That is one of the reasons that I keep my other blog a secret. It is a place where I can publish my poetry, and no one can tell me that it doesn’t rhyme enough, or that my symbolism is too sentimental, or that my diction is too numb, etc. Even the best poets in the books we read today were ripped to shreds by their contemporaries during their own lifetimes. And I am not that good of a poet, so I prefer to just forgo the public scrutiny. My point, your classmates don’t need your criticism.
  • So while I want to encourage you to only give positive feedback, I also want to remind you to not put anything online that is too personal. Consider your audience. Always, consider your audience!!!

2. Raise Awareness For A Cause—
As we learned this week in class, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s writing began to gravitate to the topic that was close to her heart, which was slavery. What I want you to do is figure out what cause is closest to your heart. Is it missions, helping cancer patients, reaching out to homeless families, stopping child abuse, supporting the military, finding homes for animals in high kill animal shelters, etc. What is your cause?

On your blog, I want you to do something to raise awareness. Pick one of the following options:

  • You could write about your cause and why it is close to your heart, sharing some statistics and information.
  • You could write a poem about your cause
  • If the cause affects you personally, you could share your story.

If you don’t want the info on your home page, you could create another “page” which will put a link to your cause next to your “About Me” page at the top. Then place your information there. Feel free to include a picture or a song that relates to your subject matter. Think about presentation. How can you really grab someone’s attention?

Please look at this blog, for a second. They are trying to raise awareness to stop abortion, and they are intentionally referring back to the abolitionist movement. It is powerful, when you realize that the battle for humanity is still going on. Back then, they lied about the humanity of African slaves, and today they are lying about the humanity of unborn children. Remember, the influence of the written word, and pray that someday we can use truth to influence our country to stop abortion, just like we stopped slavery.

And remember, you can make a difference in the things that matter to you.

You are young, and this is just the beginning!!!


11 thoughts on “Week 9–Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Raising Awareness Today

  1. Yup. A week behind do to the lesson review. My kids had it done so they had a nice week off of history for unit 7. No wonder their brains were slow during quiz time Lol. I’m sure they will be thrilled to have less Literature homework to cram in 🙂

      1. Mrs Brandi, would you mind deleting the comments that say my real name? It shows a robin as the picture and I don’t want my identity to somehow maliciously accidentally on purposely be exposed. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thanks for a light load! It helps out cause I’m at my grandpa’s chicken farm and he wants to spend time with me, so it helps to have light work! Thanks! God bless! ❤ 🙂

  3. I enjoy the book actually. I’m not one to read and enjoy books, but this one actually interests me. not, this Christahn, not Nate

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