The Scarlet Letter–What’s Going On In Week Two?

*For a recap of what we did in class today (9/18) please click here

This week we are beginning our study of life in the Colonies. We are supposed to read The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne in these next two weeks. We won’t have time to read the whole book, but I do want us to get very familiar with it. So first, I want you to get a basic understanding of the plot. Then I want us to read certain chapters that are important to the story. As you read, please try to get a feel for how Hawthorne writes.

First, please watch this ten minute summary of the novel, below.

Then what I would like you to do is read Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, and Six online WHILE listening to the audiobook of those chapters. Most of the chapters are about 20 minutes long

Below is a daily schedule to keep you on track; don’t procrastinate!!! I also linked each chapter title to the PDF text of the book, so you can read it online while you listen.

Here is a a link to the Table of Contents to the online book, where you can click on each chapter you are reading.

Here is a link to the Audiobook on youtube where you can listen to it being read (trust me, it will be faster to listen and follow along)

Monday–Watch the ten minute summary above, then read and listen. Chapter One and Two text (about 25 minutes)

Chapter One Audio

Chapter Two Audio

Tuesday–Chapter Three and Four text (about 40 minutes)

Chapter Three and Four

Wednesday–Chapter Six  text (about 20 minutes)

Chapter Six Audio

Thursday– Read Lesson 10–Bible Study “The Shape of Religion in the Colonies” and then watch the first 34 minutes, and 30 seconds (34:30) of The Scarlet Letter movie below. It is black and white and really cheesy. You will love it, even if it is just to laugh at how cheesy it is.

Don’t complain about all the homework this week. It is easy and passive. All you need to do is basically sit in front of the computer and eat a snack.

Your Journal topics are posted on the journal page and also below:

  1. Please write about a time where you did something that made you feel a lot of guilt. You do not need to write down what you did, unless you want to, but focus on what guilt feels like? Explain if people knew what you did or was it secret? Did you feel embarrassed or ashamed? How did you begin to feel better?
  2. In The Scarlet Letter, the people didn’t know when to show Hester and Pearl grace or love. How do you think Jesus would have treated them? What example from the Bible can you think of to prove your point?
  3. In what situations should you separate yourself from your friends who are sinning and getting into trouble? Have you ever had a friend you had to stop hanging out with so much? What was the circumstances? Have you ever had a friend your parents told you to stay away from? Bad influence? How did you feel about it?
  4. Hypocrisy. The people in The Scarlet Letter were hypocrites. Have you ever seen anyone in church be a hypocrite? What does that mean. Without using names, write about the experience. If you have never seen a hypocrite, then write about bacon flavored soda.

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    1. The summary video should be embedded into this blog. It is the first video embedded. The cartoon looking one. If for any reason, it isn’t appearing on your device, I added a hyperlink to the word summary! Let me know if that doesn’t help. God bless. 🙂

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