American Literature Here We Come!

I had so much fun teaching Shakespeare last year, but now we need to get more serious. We are delving into the rich world of American Literature. This will be a “For Credit” class, which means that it will be a lot more work. Sorry!

I do believe and pray that I can make it fun and exciting.

Or, it may be just fun and exciting for me. I must admit, I love many of the authors we will be studying, and I can’t wait to bring in some of my favorite poems and stories.

So what I am doing here on this blog is just changing it up a bit, I am not going to delete the old blog posts from last year, but I am going to add the information you need to know for this year.

Please say hi, if you are dropping by. Or let me know if you have any questions.

I can’t wait until school starts! See you soon.


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