December 13 Class Update–Act I Test

Homework That Was Due–Our Act I Review Homework Questions were due. If you didn’t turn them in yet get them in the next class (January). If you were absent they are not late. But if you were in class on Friday, you will lose points because it is late (your score will drop a letter grade–10pts.)

Homework During the Break–We have three weeks off for the holidays and return to school January 10. During the vacation you need to have read ALL of Act II (both versions) and be familiar with what has happened so far in the play. You also need to be almost finished with your novel–Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre. ***Note, I adapted the “Making Connections” assignment to appeal to the gentlemen in the class. Instead of comparing Elizabeth or Jane to Juliet, feel free to compare Romeo to Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester instead. ***Make sure you are underlining key phrases and passages as you read. It will help you to find them later when you begin to write.

Test—We also had a test on Act I. This test was meant to be challenging. I am looking for you to know the details of the play as well as be able to write about it.  It is a good idea of how all the other tests in class will be. If it was hard for you, then next time you need to spend more time studying so you can work for a higher grade.

Please get used to writing about literature. I am going to give you some more assignments where you can do just that. Some of you are struggling to know what to say about the play.

But on a good note, we had two solid A’s and 4 B’s : )

If you would like to know your grade, email me and I will let you know.

Absent–If you were absent on Friday and missed the test, you will have to make it up during lunch time the day you return to school. I do not want you to miss the next class session and get further behind by taking it during class, so unfortunately you need to miss your lunch.

Class Attendance–I think the biggest problem right now in the class is attendance. I have some students who have missed 4-5 classes. For a class that meets one day a week, you are missing a LOT of content. Almost half the semester. I know that sometimes things can’t be helped and I want to do everything I can to help you! But I just wanted to encourage you to, as much as you can, make attendance a priority!!!

LearnBoost–I also set up an online gradebook this week to help parents and students track their assignments and scores in the class. I sent out an email to the website with an access code so you can set up your account and view the grades. I hope that it is a blessing to your families.

God Bless You

And Merry Christmas


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