Our Shakespearean Masquerade Party

Last Friday, we had a little Shakespearean party. We began class by watching the Zeffirelli version of Act I, Scene 5 –The Capulet Party. This scene is wonderful. Not only do we see Romeo meet Juliet for the first time. But we also by watching the movie get to see the architecture, music, clothing, and culture of the time period.

Olivia Hussey is a perfect Juliet, beautiful and innocent.

We watched as Romeo wooed her using religious sounding pick up lines.

O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair. (Act I, Scene 5, Line 103)
He speaks to her as if she is a saint who can answer his prayers. His prayers are for a kiss.
Then they kiss.
His prayers must have worked.
We talked in class about what a girl should do if a boy approaches her with such tempting words of love–she should scream at the top of her lungs, “DAD!!!!” And a boy likewise should scream for his mom!
After this I played some traditional music from the Renaissance. And we did a couple dances. The first was a simple form of the Branle (a dance in a circle holding hands).

I tortured them, I know.

But I get to.

I must : )

The second dance we did was a form of the Pavan, where two dancers hold hands and walk together in a regal fashion. For some reason the boys did not take up partners with the girls–LOL!!!

We did another dance at the end, where you face your partner and dance with your palms together, some fancy dancers added a spin!!!

After our dancing, we walked over to the patio where we indulged in some Earl Grey tea and scones and shortbread cookies . We also adapted the loved meat pies of the 1600’s for some little chicken pot pies. It was yummy and cozy on a rainy day.

Overall, it was a really fun class.


Now we won’t meet again until December 6. 

The only homework that I have assigned is the “Making Connections” assignment. So if you are participating in this assignment, you should spend the next couple of weeks with your noses inside Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am for sure thankful that I get to teach this class to a group of amazing young men and women, who are fun and funny, and let me dress them up in masks and capes, and tiaras : )


A Golden Treasury of Elizabethan MusicIf anyone is interested in purchasing the music we danced to in class, the first two songs were on A Golden Treasury of Elizabethan Music. The first song is called “Sellinger’s Round Dance” and the second song is called “Bergamasca.”

The other 2 songs were from an album called Elizabethan Street Songs One song is called “Parson’s Farewell” and the other is called “Kemps Jegg.” The songs are 99 cents each on iTunes, if you like : )

You might like to have a copy of some of the songs, for when you are doing your video projects later in the year.


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