The First Research Report

Research Report # 1

This is your first assignment for a research report. This will not be an official research paper with proper citation and a works cited page. I am just asking you to provide general (common knowledge) information. You will have a 3 options for presenting your research.

  1.  You can write a simple 1 ½ – 2 page typed (double-spaced) essay. Please include a picture of Shakespeare and The Globe on a separate sheet of paper, stapled behind your essay.
  2. You can make a short scrapbook (4-6 pages) with pictures and general information presented in a creative/visual way. You will be graded on creativity, effort, and content. You can place it in a report cover. Make it look nice.
  3. You can make a short YouTube video. This will be like an oral presentation. You still must provide the same facts and even pictures and visuals. It may be presented like a documentary or even a news program. Be creative if you like, but I am also grading you on your content.

This is the information you need to look into:

The Basic Life of Shakespeare

  • When was William Shakespeare born?
  • Where?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding his marriage?
  • How was he educated as a child?
  • How many plays did he write?
  • What was The Globe?
  • What was theater like in his day?

Due Dates

  • November 1—Please bring in a rough draft of your essay, or notes and what you have worked on so far if you are choosing options 2 and 3. I need to see PROGRESS.
  • November 8— Assignment due

This assignment will go towards your suggested grade for this quarter (along with participation, and the other work you have been doing in class and at home so far).


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