A Bunch of Information About Class Today!

Act I, Scene 1 (Zefferelli version)

Today we started reading the play. I was so excited!!! I probably should have waited a couple more weeks, but I couldn’t. I wanted to start it today. I am so happy I did too. It is hilariously fun to read this with the students.

So here is a recap of class this day (for those of you who were absent, and were missed). I also wanted to post it online for parents who would like to know what we are doing in class.

Mask Project

First we discussed our mask making project. I bought the students all masks to use later in the play, when Romeo meets Juliet. Each student received a mask today, and they are going to decorate them this week and bring them back to class on Friday.

Students can use feathers, flowers, sequins from the craft store. They can use fur and make it into an animal. They can make it look tough and masculine. They can even use dry macaroni noodles if they want to!

Pop Quiz

Then we had a POP QUIZ on the elements of a sonnet. Students who were absent– you are welcome to make it up when you return.

Research Project

I assigned a research project

Instead of Notes

Then instead of taking notes, I just passed out a handout of some key information for the play.

The Prologue

We watched the Baz Lurhman version of the prologue to Romeo and Juliet. And talked about how Shakespeare left room for us to adapt the scenes, costumes, and style of the play. How we are supposed to interact with the play, not just read it–but experience it.

Then I assigned the students their first temporary roles and we began to read.

We only got part of the way through Act I, Scene 1 today, we will finish where we left off next week.

So that is what we did today. I wish the bell didn’t ring! I could have sat with them for another couple hours reading and laughing and enjoying one of the most famous and well loved plays ever written!


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