First Day of Class (Class Picture)

We learned about what poetry is.

We learned that it is fun to use descriptive language, that appeals to our senses.

We learned the meaning of diction.

We learned that Angel thinks he has friends.

We learned that you can’t describe a poem to a blind and deaf person.

I am very excited for the rest of the year!


5 thoughts on “First Day of Class (Class Picture)

  1. That looks like such a fun group of kids and I’ll bet it is going to be a great class. I’m so jealous that I can’t attend!!

      1. Ooops! Jessica, I think I had my time setting set to the international UTC timezone. I fixed it to our time zone and it should fix it. Janine made her comment earlier in the evening last night, not in the middle of the night!!! haha. After our first day of Friday School, I am sure she would not be awake at 3:30 am.

  2. How exciting!!! I must say it was so hard not to be able to have Alexys be a part of that class and some of the others too. You’re doing a great job Brandy. I love it all! Have fun, Blessings!

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